Friday, January 7, 2011

Sometimes an ambush is just an ambush

On the surface Ryan's world is a peaceful place, lots of healthy outdoorsy-kind of activity.  underneath, however, its a different story (at least it is an a excuse to start a mercenary war...).

The Goverment has hired the Red-Banner Corps to exercise its will, the rebels and their banker-backers have hired Henry's Legion.  The Red-Banner corps is a mid-tech infantry-heavy unit (Hindi's) supported by defense platforms (towed powerguns) and heavy tanks (Zaporoskiye's Sabres), Henry's Legions are a mid-tech mostly mechanized infantry force (Waldheim Dragoons).

What's this, its not Ambush Alley, OK, I've got the tank-bug from re-reading too much Hammer's Slammers over Xmas.  I picked up an early version of the rules and liked them so... on

Scouts nose forward
 Quickly followed by an infantry company supported by heavy tanks
 View from tank hill, heavy tanks lurk on the reverse slope
 They don't have to wait long
 Infantry wait for the trap to spring
 These are Micropanzer's figs, he painted them too.
 Heavy tanks nose through the underbrush and BOOM! A crushing opening volley destroys both lead tanks

The GEV MICVs surge against the central infantry decimating them with effective fire, destroying a tribarrel platform in the process
 The infantry flub it in return, only knocking out one weapon turret
The support detachment moves up and kills more infantry, while not even scratching the heavy tanks on the hill

 New turn, MICV detachment surges forward and debusses most of its infantry
 Infantry and MICVs kill more TUs
 The heavy tanks respond, knocking out another tank

 Support detachment moves up and concentrates fire on the heavies, achieving one kill
As this is a mercenary war I played it like the books and call a ceasefire.  The Red-banner group is pretty cut-up with only one heavy tank and one weapons platform plus two partial infantry groups.  They cannot mount an effective ambush so they surrender.  A side effect is that they actually destroyed most of the Henry's Legion detachment's armour and prevented them from continuing their patrol, so in a way their mission was a partial success

Henry's Legion call in the Red-Cross and guard the remaining Red-Banner forces

Game over.  A fast, fun set of rules, they are easy to learn and relatively simple.  They readily handled a company a side during solo-play, a big bonus for me as these days its mostly solo play in whatever time I can cram.  I have a couple more forces in prep so watch out for more!