Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Shanty!

Playing the basic 'Sweep and Clear' mission in a crowded shanty rather than more open terrain of the original scenario.

Mods: the MNU forces have sent a team of 'suit' to replace a fire-team, 4 figs with alien-tech handguns (+1FP), same morale/training/armour as troops though.  I'm using Prawns (GZG's Crusties) as insurgents.

All quite(ish) in the shanty

Flares pop and the troops surge in (I'm using my old camera so the lighting and pics are not so ideal)

Delta fire-team seize a hotspot

Charlie fire-team spot a crowd of prawns (they fail interrupt) and gun them down

The 'suits' sneak round the back

'Suits' spot a hoard of on-coming Prawns 

Charlie fire-team prepare to dash forwards

Advancing by bounds charlie team decimate the Prawns (another failed interrupt)

Prawns on the other side of the shanty hear a one-sided gun-battle.  Fortunately for them Delta team are tied up securing a hotspot

Badly needed reinforcements!

Delta team attempts to replicate Charlie's success

This time the interrupt does not go so well...

...for Delta, who lose four men.  Delta passes morale and kills one Prawn in return.  Things are not looking good on this flank

On the left flank the 'suits' do more sneaking round the back

Meanwhile reinforcements are going terribly for the Prawns.  The insurgent level is high, they are getting troops every turn but so far the last two turns have rolled secured hotspots, bummer.  Back to the action, the 'suits' make up for all the sneaking by ambushing a Prawn unit, killing most and breaking the morale of the remaining and clearing the way for Charlie team to advance

On the right Delta goes down in a hail of fire

In the center Prawns readjust to block Charlie team

Fire! and one member of Delta goes down.  In the return fire Delta manages to kill both leaders attached to the group.  Mmmm, time for a change of plan

NOT!  Fortunately reinforcements arrive and roll for the central hotspot.  The shoe is on the other foot, time for the MNU to readjust

Run away! Charlie team run for cover (failed interrupt) [and I forgot to move their casualty with then, DOH!]

Next turn: Game over! both charlie team and 'suits' get off board.  Time for the victory calculation.
MNU: 3 hotspots, troops off north end= 20 points
Prawns: 4 marines killed, 2 hotspots remain, 2 POWs = 28

Win for the Prawns.  Things went well for MNU early but losing Delta team was a blow they could not recover from, especially as the Prawns gained POWs and with the massing forces across the other hotspots these became unrecoverable.

Ah well, next time MNU are just going to have to bring in bigger guns...