Monday, May 23, 2011

New Clones for Old!

I got some new toys!  I've been watching the progress of these figs on the interwebs for a while now, these are Nationalist infantry from ArtCrime Productions.  CAD-designed and printed rather than sculpted, its quite an exciting new direction for wargames miniatures.  The detail is very good and figs are consistent in proportion between each pose.  Its been a while since I bought figs and was inspired to paint them immediately: These figs arrived in the mail Saturday and were undercoated, painted Sunday and some lining done, lining and varnished Monday.  Hopefully, I can get then in a game in on Tuesday.

The LHS fig is a conversion, I cropped the GL and added a magazine to create a SAW.

So far only a limited number of standing/patrolling poses, I do hope these sell well so we see some more aggressive  firing/assualting poses.

No size comparison pic here, but they scale well with 15mm figs from Peter Pig (bonus!  their gun kind of looks like a FAMAS, so perhaps they are going to be my Foreign Legion of the future), and some of GZG's lines (NI).  They are smaller than Freikorps Colonial Marines and GZG new NACs (but these are big 17-18mm figs anyway)

My older boy and I have been watching 'The Clone Wars', I wanted some figs to eventually use when gaming with him so, these are painted using Clone trooper armour as inspiration.  My PSB for the white/red armour, they have active-camouflage suits so don't need to paint them in disruptive-type colours.

Next steps, their first game - I guess that means a crushing defeat by whatever minions I dig out.


  1. Nice paint job, and nice looking figures. I personally quite the more neutral poses as the figures look more natural for patrolling, standing guard, or advancing in support. Though a couple of shooty ones would round them out nicely.

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  2. Very nice minis and superb painting!