Thursday, November 3, 2011

"The Company Rules": #4, Last Stand

Last Stand

Three Trooper teams gang-up on a single trooper team.  The defender has to roll each turn for arrival of an evacuation dropship.  Defender sets up, attackers choose where to start, at least 12" away, so on my 2x2' board that means the edge.

Crustie troopers dig in and wait
But not for long
Bronx Drop Legion advance
Pow! First blood to the Crusties
Legion troopers sneak along the side
While one team advances and occupies the Crustie attention
More sneaking
And more
Crusties and Legion trade wounds, fatally for one Legionnaire
Time to shoot a lot more
More wounds
This time the Crusties notice the sneakers and tag them too
The flanking Legion team gets in posiiton ready to fire
The team in the middle is getting shot up badly
Charge! one of the flankers rushes forwards into better position
Only to be shot up badly
All Legion teams now have some wounded
Blammo! Dead crustie, Legionnaires rally
The middle team loses more Legionnaires, pushing them back
Start of the turn, wounds on all sides
My favourite wound marker, smoking boots and helmet only remain.  Legionnaires go defensive (CP orders)
Things are not looking good for the Legionnaires
Legionnaire fire starts to tell, more wounded crusties
While the flanking team provides cover fire
Its time to exploit those CP orders and charge forwards
To good effect, another Crustie goes down while the remainder are heavily wounded
The assault pays off, another crustie down - Where is that Dropship! (rolled each turn, so far all failed)
Still no dropship!, Legionnaires press their advantage and gun down the remaining Crustie

A fun Last Stand game, it really could have gone both ways as the Legionnaires lost a lot of men.  Ah, fickle dice, no dropship to bail out the Crusties, or perhaps the pilot saw the hot drop zone and bailed...
On to more carnage!


  1. Hi,
    Great write ups. Please tell me who are the yellow guy. I think they are LaserBurn Imp am I correct.


  2. Hi,
    The yellow troops are Imperial troops from the old Laserburn range.
    The range is under one banner now, back when I got them they were called Imperial and Black-Guard, they are a mix of both. The armour is the same, the helmets vary a little.