Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sweet new ride

The G.O.T. Hunchback usually served the T-PEA in an urban pacification role ( 

The hunchback has earned a good reputation as an effective and well-protected vehicle leading to strong export sales.  The Hunchback v2 (Hi-Mob) has just entered service with the Red Jackets, an up and coming mercenary group.

The Hunchback v2HM is pictured in delivery spec with no additional markings.  It sports enhanced traction hi-mob wheels and an up-gunned remote weapons station (medium ATGM and light plasma cannon)

 The hunchback v2HM is spacious

 and stylish...

When I saw these I couldn't help think that they might serve as an updated version of GZG's Hoplite carrier, much like the new Phalanx and Paladin's are updated versions.  So, having a few spare wheels I tried out one conversion, and hey Presto! It works, for me at least.

I only had one set of wheels so so this one will be lonely until I get some more.

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