Wednesday, April 17, 2013

S.I.G. Dum Dum Dum

Spectrum Is Green

A post on The Minis Page got me revisiting some old figs I used to game Captain Scarlet.

My Captain Scarlet is a Freikorps (now QRF) Space Marine officer.  On TMP there was a good suggestion to look at a fig by  Its an old laserburn fig, here's mine next to the Captain.  The Laserburn fig is perhaps showing its age more than the Captain.
And turned slightly to show the rifle held by Captain Scarlet's side
I used some Traveller figs for Spectrum, with some more recent GZG as generic security.  they are good for a size comparison.  The Space Marine figs were really big back in the day, which is why I used this guy for a character.  These days they are a better size comparison to the GZG figs.
 The only SPV I could originally find was a tiny HotWheels one from Japan, then Konami obliged with a perfect one (again from Japan)
 The captain with alternative
Ah Ah, STINGRAY! The beginnings of a crew.  Plan aborted as finding a stingray was a colossal chore...
Bases are not finished as they reflect a relatively recent change in basing


  1. I like the paint job on those RAFM figures!

  2. Hah! That brings back some memories!

  3. Oh, brilliant stuff. I've often thought about using the 28mm not-Spectrum stuff kicking around from, er, TV7? miniatures for gaming but Captain Scarlet in 15mm? Brilliant!