Tuesday, October 15, 2013

40K Imperial Guard Sentinel

Quick update.  Calvin and I played more X-wing and Armour is progressing nicely.

Meanwhile... ...one day while rummaging in the bits box I was inspired to build a 40K Imperial Guard Sentinel (in 15mm).

The legs are from Khurasan's walker/loader, the hip is an antenna base (GZG) the body and gun are from a manned gun platform from GZG.  I'm using Ozidial army figs for my Guard as they have the right look and feel to me.  As I recall though, the Guard really need support firepower, hence the Sentinel, it will fit right in with the Rogue Trader/40K set.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Where did that summer go...

Wow, busy summer this year.  Spring and summer I like to get outside a lot and this year was no exception as we had big changes in the garden; we built a large vegetable patch a new raised bed and dug out 12 small trees.  The Boys are growing like weeds, my little one (2 1/2) started riding his walking bike while my oldest (4 1/2) graduated to a pedal bike with no training wheels.  Work has been v.v.busy as the Biotech I work in went public.  Meanwhile, it took me off to collaborators in India, conferences in Rhode Island, Boston and Spain.  In addition, we managed to keep some science going by publishing a couple of decent papers.

On a gaming front, things are ticking along.  We have been having a lot of fun playing a highly simplified game of X-wing with the standard box set.  Then I remembered I had bought a job-lot of Star Wars micromachines years ago.  Now we are setting up to play X-wing with Y-, B- and A-wings against TIE Interceptors, Bombers and Advanced forms.  I even dug out my old Action fleet stuff so we can progress to some of the bigger ships eventually.  Other games we've been playing include Ninja vs. Ninja from Out of the Box Publishing (http://www.otb-games.com/games/engaging-games/ninja-versus-ninja/).  A really fun family game which is great for the boys to play too.  We've dabble with Pirate Vs. Pirate from the same folks, but its a three player game so is a bit more cumbersome to play.

Painting slowed over the summer, I hope to get it back up to speed soon as I start prep for next year's East Coast GZG Con (http://www.warpfish.com/gzgecc/gzgecc17/index.shtml).  I've got a couple of thoughts, one is I'm kind of tempted to play a StarWars skirmish gaming with Calvin this summer was been fun, but no firm plan yet.

And on the mini arms race...   ...Mark came up early in summer and we played Hammer's Slammers.  We both had a lot of fun, afterwards Mark jump-started his plan to collect for this game, and he started with the Slammers.   All of my tanks/afvs are light-medium types, so the Slammers tanks would mince mine.  To balance a game against the Slammers I moved some of my bigger  Old Crow tanks up the paint queue.  I now have nearly ready something that, while they will still get a pasting from the Slammers, may stand a better chance of scratching those monster tanks.  Anyway, I hope to find out soon.