Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hammered and Slammed

Went to visit my friend Mark and played a bunch of games. One of our goals was to play a couple of Hammer's Slammers: The Crucible games.  The first day we kicked off with a smaller, intro game of two Slammer's detachments: a blower and a light combat car group versus a couple of Division Legere detachments (medium and light tanks, plus mechanized infantry) and a couple of local militia units.  the objective for the Slammers is to capture the crossroads in town, the defenders have to repulse the Slammers.

Peaceful Oyster Vally, not for long...

 The Valley Militia hold the city center against the onrush of off-world mercenaries
 Supertanks!  The Slammers roll in
 With a Phalanx of Combat Cars in Support (Slammers are Ainsty models painted by Mark)
 View from the militia positions
 The Combat Cars draw first blood, gunning down a buzz-bomb team
 Quickly followed by another
 And more
 Slammers gut the militia and surge forwards
Division Legere is tasked with holding back the Slammers, they begin pouring troops onto the battle area
 Undeterred the Blowers grind forwards
 More Legere forces enter
 And finally tanks arrive
 Legere armour ready to teach the Slammers a lesson
Or perhaps not, Slammers fillet the Legere tanks
 While only losing the skirts of one blower
 Slammers pound on the Legere APCs
 While the combat cars continue the job on the Legere light tanks
 A lucky shot from the light tanks takes out one Combat Car
 The combat cars also managed to clear the key buildings of infantry
 The Slammers take the win!  They caapture all objectives and break the Legere unit completely
Well fought Mark!

Wow, while that was very one sided, it was fun and completely fitting with the books.  This was a great chance to refresh out memories of the rules and play with some new toys. 

OK, onto the next game - Pandora's Cargo.


  1. Great report guys!

    I love reading this sort of stuff!

    John Treadaway

  2. Great looking game and fantastic report!

  3. Excellent terrain, models, and report! Many thanks for sharing the inspiration!