Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lair of General Grievous

Woot!  Its Feb and my game tally is up, played a few games at the GZG Eart Coast Con and ran a Star Wars and couple of Slammers games (I didn't take many pics though).

I also managed to escape the snow in the NE  by getting out to a conference  in sunny Asilomar, California (a superb venue).  Just before I went my oldest and I played out a 'Clone Wars' mission we had just watched, "Lair of General Grievous".

We changed the Jedi a bit, in the show Nadar and Kit Fisto are the Jedi, we kept Nadar but switched in Ashoka Tano (the boy's favourite).  I played Droids/Grievous, the lad had Jedi.

The Mission: the Jedi have to enter the lair of Grievous and capture him (by beating him in HTH).

Mugging for camera prior to the off.  OK, so I look like I was blind when getting dressed, I was  out on my bike wanted to wear bright clothes...
Young Jedi planning his attack
Laying out his troops (Clones plus two Jedi)
Republic forces gain entry to the stronghold
"Clankers, Suck laser!"
Ahsoka goes on a flanking mission
While Nadar gets stuck right in...  ...mopping up the last droid
Clones zap more droids
Young Jedi show his prowess with the cubes of randomness
On the flank Ahsoka bumps into a pile of droids
Nadar and his clone team push straight down the middle
Uh Oh! Commando Droids
Droids take out a clone
One Commando down to blaster fire
Ahsoka is surrounded by Super Battle Droids
Not for long...
Nadar force leaps over the Commando, slicing it with light saber as he goes (really, this is what the Lad said !)
In the center Grievous makes an appearance
Super battle Droids and Droid army leader - time to check that uniform for stains trooper
Grievous advances on a clone
Make that an ex-clone
Super battle droid get into the advancing game
Nadar does his force-leap thingy
To land behind Grievous and challenge him to a duel
Nadar ignites his light saber ready for the duel
The clones are struggling with the super battle droids
Nadar and Grievous trade blows
And keep on fighting, trading wounds while jumping and spining around
More clones down
Nadar goes down to Grievous, {spoiler alert} just like he does in the show
Ahsoka and clone finish wiping up the flank and rush back the main action
Grievous realizes there are more Jedi
More clones down, its time for Ahsoka to take matters into here own hands
She chops down the Droid
While the clone takes out the last one
Grievous bears down on the clone
That is an ex-Clone!
Ahsoka force leaps into combat with Grievous
Beating him in combat
With only one wound remaining Grievous flees
And keeps running
To escape in his personal ship
Leaving an Ahsoka empty handed

Another fun game with the lad.  This played out pretty close to the show, with only the final action deviating.  Roll on the next one!

Pics are poor as they were rushed, I didn't want taking pics to interrupt the flow of the game

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