Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oh my gosh, I so totally have one of those...

I'm really enjoying seeing the old laserburn figs and vehicles being rereleased by the Ion Age/15mm.co.uk. Why? Well because I'm a bit of an old fart who got them back in the day.  There was then, and still is now, some really cool models with great character in that range.  So today when I saw they had a feature on their Jet Copter (its called Sabre now) with Imperial Guard crew conversion and I had an, oh my gosh moment and I realized I had one that I had forgotten about.  After a bit of a rumage in some boxes, hey presto, my jetcopter.

Back in the day this was my only air support craft, crew are Peter Pig AK47 something or other, helmets are from 1st generation GZG NAC figs, the chin gun is from a plastic GW tank (Land Radier, I think) and I have no idea where the flex ammo feed is from. 

Gunner side

 Pilot side
This is pretty old and the landing legs are quite soft, I probably got this some time in the 90's from TableTop.  It sat around for a while until I converted the crew.  Once it got crew it saw a lot of action supporting my NAC ground forces.  It got packed away several house moves ago and I forgot about it, indeed, I think I have another in the bits box still waiting for crew...


  1. nice, you have given me some conversion ideas for this, will have to get a couple.

  2. That's a nice use of a PP AK47 AA Crewman. http://www.peterpig.co.uk/AK47%20AA%20crew55.jpg
    Never thought to do a headswap on one.

  3. Nice work - might have to get me a couple of these and the PP crew.