Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2015 Staycation: Bikeapalooza and little soldiers up the Wazoo!

Every year I take a mini-break and ride my bike.  I usually try to do it in September when the weather is great and its not too hot.  This year I went to a couple of conferences in Sept so it didn't happen.

This weeks weather forecast was for mild weather so this week is STAYCATION week!  (OK, too much work so instead its staycation three days)

Wife and kids were all off yesterday so I got to ride to and from work.  It was nice to dust off the cyclocross bike and do some hill work on the way home.

Today was spectacular so I went on a longer route round the local reservoir

Looks nice?  Well, the trails are pretty typical of where I live, lots of short-ish up/down over rocks and tree roots
Like this, a rocky descent alongside the reservoir.  After riding I went out and mowed the lawn then played soldiers, HUZZAH!

Tomorrow is a couple of chores then more riding.  This time I'm off to a more rocky hill with my new hardtail, armour and full-face helmet... (Oh yes I've got a new toy, and its a lovely one)
Its my very first build up from a frame, and it rides awesomely (better than me anyway!).

Then, more soldiers.  Later the boys and I are hanging out tonight.  Time to get out the lightsabers,  turn off the houselights and have some epic Jedi action!

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