Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday Thriller

Where was I today. Apparently not in Boston in November.  It was 75degrees out today, crazy weather for this time of year.  

So today was:
 Work on the deck with a cup of tea, followed by go hunt the trail under the leaves.

I took the chameleon off to a local park to go jumping and riding rocks.  The following pics are from my biggest jump so far (I'm very pleased with myself for this one).  The jump was big enough and long enough in the air for an “OH NO, OH NO, OH NO, OH NO” moment.  Then I landed it OK. It ended up a jump of about 5-6 feet and a final drop of about 4-5 feet given the slope fell away from the lip.  Scary, but awesome afterwards.  And, no, I only did this one once.

 View from up the hill, there is a trail down there
 View from just below, with bike as size comparison
View from lower down, the tan foreground patch is the landing area.

So of course I'm pretty please with myself.  Off I went further along the trail, got to a tricky rocky uphill, snagged my front wheel on a rock and went straight over the handlebars.  Hubris, huh, serves me right.   

Anyway, back off home for a shower and some soldiers.

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