Sunday, March 20, 2016

A change of Scenery

Now Space Hulk v1 is over its time for something completely different.  Back to Africa and some AK-47 Republic

La Mort Du Prophete... ...or the rise of Wiffdeh Lawde

"The Retained Commando", Defender of the FaithLed by Wiffdeh Lawde are rampaging across Zoswete, time for a new challenger, will they be up for the task?

 The peaceful outskirts of Kukimbia, the prize here is the regional airport.

On another note, I went to the Doc's for a check up and they gave me some outstanding news.  The cast comes off Friday April 1st (no joking), same day as the start of the GZG ECC.  So no cast for the ECC, YEAHH!
The Doc decided to change the cast as it had loosened a lot.  They just got a new colour, orange.  I was the first to try it.  All the nurses came to see, the conclusion: its kind of bright and fun.

But still, two more weeks and no cast for the Con, here's a link to check it out:

And, this is number 19!  Next year should be fun.  It is always great to see how many of the originals from number 1 still go to the ECC.  See you folks soon.

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