Sunday, March 27, 2016

Compiling Armies for GZG ECC AK-47 Republic Game

Getting forces together for the GZG ECC.  A three on three AK-47 game, so I will need lots of kit
 The start.  All my AK-47 Republic kit (nearly all of it anyway, missing helicopters and planes)
 Army 1: Religious Movement
 Army 2: Colonial Power/Settlers
 Army 3: Dictatorship
 Army 4: Superpower-backed client
 Army 5: Dictatorship
And finally, People's Popular Front.

Next, is politics etc. then packing for Friday.


  1. Very inspirational thank you and carry on gaming...

  2. brilliant looking armies. where did you get the two vans from for your religious movement army? R.P.

  3. Hi, sorry for slow reply. The vans are kids toys picked up when visiting ToysRUs years ago.