Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Space Hulk V1, mission 1

Or, the second game.  This mission has been well described many times on line, essentially, the Marines have to get to corner room and deliver a flamer hit.  This time around No1 son is running the Marines (with a bit of help from me).

Marines advance
Xenos sneak up on the rearguard
Hmm, shoot them this way, (The Lessser Wargamer watches on)
Or that way?
This way, SPLAT!
Uh oh, lead marine goes down to a Xeno
Rearguard take out another Xeno
Lead Marine advances into a wall of teeth and claws
The objective is soooooo close
Burn! (with manic cackling too)  Xenos hosed by flamer shot
Down goes the lead Marine
Fair play to the boy, he does not flinch, he calmly roasts another Xeno (using CPs)
With nothing infront he advances fast, blocking the crux corridor with flames
 Next turn, he turns and...
...Whooosh, another toasty flamed Xeno
 A Marine stops to protect the flank of the flamer-armed Marine
 Just as well, scuttle, scuttle
 Right up to the last square
 More Xenos arrive
 BRAAAAAP! not for long says over-watching Marine
 Next turn, Marine advances, door open and...
 The little rat gloats
 Places a flame marker
 Then does a victory dance
Yes, a victory dance.  

Mmmm, the force is strong in this one, perhaps next time I shouldn't help him as much.  Still, what the heck, his first SpaceHulk games.  Hopefully, we will have many more.

Spacehulk is my favourite 'board' game, my gaming group played this heavily for nearly three years when it first came out in the early 90's.  While playing I was surprised to realize how old most of this set is now.  I got the base set way back in 1990/91 when I got my first real job out of college.  I expanded with Deathwing/Genestealer as they were released (91-93?). Talk about value for money, we have played these missions to death and they are still heaps of fun.

On to the next mission!

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