Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Space Hulk V1, mission 4

Cleanse and Burn!

Marines advance to burn down the Xenos gene-seed.  This is kind of like the first mission, except this time there are two rooms to burn and more Xeno reinforcements
Marines start in parallel corridors
Their goal, burn two of these chambers
In opposite rooms
The Lesser Wargamer (TLW) pops up and asks if he can play too. 
Of course, its not a game unless TLW can bring a tank or two...
Mmmmm, which one to shoot first?
DAKKA, DAKKA, down go my Xenos, TLW does victory dance
And again...
Advance-marine dashes ahead
Trying to cut off the rear-guard
So close...
Closest.  TLW takes it in his stride, "he'll be back for the next game, right?"
Flame-marine blocks the corridor.
TLW presiding over his domain
I manage to get a couple of blips close
well, almost
Mmm, more victory celebrations.  Perhaps I should stop helping him out with his moves?
Flamer marine keeps up the advance, laying down blocking fire
Over on the other side the flamer-marine clears the Xenos out
Advancing marines blow doors down as they go
Mid-game snack break
Trying to get at the advance party
Stacking Xenos to prevent the Marines developing two fronts
Flamer-marine turns and heads for the first target room (and fires, but I seem to have lost that shot)
Hey, did you forget us?
Advance group sets up for potential winning firing rounds
They fall short of APs, the Xenos surge forwards
But go down to a fortunate CP-roll
Another surges in to take its place
Third one rushes in
That's better
Marines rejig their position to compensate
Clearing the fire corridor
Flamer-marine turns and Whoosh,
Flame fills the second room.  Marines win quite convincingly.  The Lesser Wargamer rushes off to watch 'shows' with his brother.

This mission is usually very close, but TLW is only just starting Space Hulk so the marines had a slightly easier ride this time.  No worries, getting in a game of Space Hulk with TLW, priceless.

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