Sunday, May 7, 2017

Legions Of Steel - Game Two (Clear and Secure)

Doh!  Played this a while ago, so commentary is a bit vague.  however, watch for big changes next game, I finally finished painting the 20mm LoS Machines.

So, for now, onto Clear and Secure.  Marines deploy in room at bottom, they have to destroy two computer terminals on LHS and RHS rooms.  Machines deploy in the computer rooms and at the large room at the top, for this mission the Machines start with an assault fiend (Gulp!...)

All ready to roll

 Machine deploys to protect the computer

One in each room

The Fiend starts with a small group


UNE Marines surge forwards

The goes for it too

Machines go on overwatch to cover the corridors

Marines rush forwards and take out one computer, deploying a Forcewall to cover the corridor

On the other flank Marines advance behind heavy plasma fire

Forcewall out, Marines advance behind it

The Machines develop accurate covering fire

Machines use the Forcewall to build up their forces

A Machine unmasks to fire

BLAMMO, the Marine gets in first

BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, miss... ...lots

The Machine has the other flank stitched up

Finally, shots hit, unfortunately, its Machine shots that mow down two Marines

The Fiend gets into the action

Easy!  Marine down.  the fiends are VERY nasty in HtH

The Machine tries to assault the heavy plasma Marine

Predictably this is not such a good plan

Back to stalemate

More Machines approach

The Fiend goes to finish off the Marines.  The Marines fight back against the Fiend, inflicting one kill (it takes two to drop it)

The Fiend fires, and does not miss, man down.

More Machines arrive, its not looking so good for the Marines

BLAMMO! Marines gun down the Fiend

Then drop a Forcewall to cover themselves, leaving the Machines leaderless

On the other flank the Machines loom, with a plan... ...they deploy a nachtmacher grenade (blocks LoS) as cover for an assault

Get ready!

Marines do a run around

The Machines begin to react

Too slow!

An ex-Machine

A solo-sneak, very risky with so many Machines around

The assault begins

Stalemate develops at the run-around

You go, no you

OK, ARRRGH! Does not compute

Nachmacher dissolves, heavy plasma does its thing

Sneak-around gains the drop on a target, and misses, but so does the Machine

More Hoard appears

Time for action

Fake out! Time for a Forcewall


Firing, Machine down by the numbers

Exposing the second computer to fire.  Marines destroy both terminals, time to mop up the hoard then crack the cold ones

Machines performance is degraded

Not the Marines

Another miss!  this Marine has to be called 'Lucky' from now

Not so for the Machine, its now called 'Scrap'

And now, its: Advance, Fire, and mop up...

K-Pulsed it!

Last one down, brewski time

Another tight fought game.  LoS flip flops like Space Hulk, but unlike SH LoS can flip back. 

So, now on to mission 3.

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