Thursday, October 18, 2018

Busy Busy Busy

Busy summer, busy but a lot of fun.  The Mrs OA and I took the Mini-Mes off to the linked villages of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in the Austrian Alps. 
For a bit of this
 And a bunch of this

It was an excellent trip, everyone really enjoyed themselves. We will be taking them back to the mountains sometime soon.

Then, I went off for work, to Athens
 Where it was very hot and sunny (this is right at the entrance to the Parthenon)
 I was there to attend this conference
This is an intense week of conference, it's usually in great locations, and it is chock full of really useful information.

A little later, I went off to the Catalonian Pyrenees to go ride my bike with these guys:
What an amazing place to ride.  This was my first time riding in Spain, and WOW! The guides were superb and the trails were epic. To use bike jargon, there was much stoke going on.  So here's a few pics of the place and me riding there...

First a climb up
 To here
 That way
 Yup, down there
Like this
 And this
Then there's these places

And more riding bits

No words for these riding pics, it was that good!

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