Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sweep and Clear

A scenario for sci-fi AA games:

Set in 'District 9' universe. MNU are hunting for Alien weapons caches.

Regulars: locate weapons cache, or if no weapons found return to transports.
Insurgents: Stop regulars finding caches

Table set up

Insurgency: Variation of lawyers Guns & Money 3x insurgent groups of leader, 3x rifles, 1x RPG. TQ: D6 M:D8. When squad of 5 killed/rout reform as new group, enter random board edge.

Regulars: 2 fireteams of leader, 3xrifle, 1xLMG all body armour TQ: D8 M: D8.

Special rules:
Choose 5 buildings that could hide the weapons cache, regulars use action to search. Searching becomes sequentially easier, building 1 on TQ roll 6+, building 2 5+, 3 a 4+, 4 a 3+ and building 5 a 2+. Any roll of 1 - no cache. Once the cache is found MNU retrieval VTOL will appear and game is over - Prawns scatter before being gunned down from the air.

No assets/Fog of war

Regular victory: recover cache.
insurgent victory: prevent weapons cache being found

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