Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?

Bughunt, oh it's a bughunt... ...Got me some new toys, 3d printed US colonial Marines.  

First squad of a new platoon inbound

They are '3-up' of 6mm prints from Wakes Emporium (printed by FilamentResinhunter on Etsy).  They are too big and chunky for 15mm but hey, they work for 20mm Colonial Marines.  Detail is super, the sculpter is cleary a fan and has read the Colonial Marine Handbook.  30 figs for $15 too, not bad at all.  

They were 'quick painted'  with washes and contrast paints.  They will be seeing action in Spacehulk once thier clearcote dries off.

Meanwhile, some shots...

First fire team, of the 30 figs, very few are duplicates, some decent animation in the poses too

Second fire team, with motion tracker

Smart gun!

Dumb Marine...

On the prowl


First team deploys from an M577 APC.  This is a 20mm 'fan made' resin cast I bought at a 'Cold Wars' convention many, many years ago.  Just as well I got two...

Incomming bugs, time to get frosty marines!

That Was The Time That Was

Summer's here, there's not really been much gaming going on lately, too many other things competing with my time...

I did get to go to the GZG ECC convention this year, and what fun it was.  I played games, chatted with folks, had a beer or two and generally had a great time.  It was so good to be back.

For my game I decided to run a Moongrunt game in 20mm.  I had a box of old Airfix figs plus I found all these cool spacesuit figures on Shapeways.  I also found guns so modded the figs to be armed spacemen.  One goup is in NASA/Apollo style suits the other is in Kubrik/2001, Space Oddesy style suits.  Then I found a monolith... ...it had to be done

"Its all full of stars..."

I bought a MDF crashed spaceship, except instead of buying the 15mm one as I intended I accidentally bought the 28mm one.  In the end this may have been a good thing as it looks like its big enough for the 20mm figs and it covers an entire table.

The Infantry, both suit types now armed.

The support, some powered space armour, a power loader and some drones, there are some other utility bots but I missed them off this shot.  IMHO, the 25mm GZG suits look great for 20mm powered armour, they have a heft and bulk against 20mm figs which fits my mental image of PA suits.

Here we are with folks playing the game (pic link to the GZG ECC site):

I also ran a Hammer's Slammers game

In which the Slammers did some slamming, but in the end just not enough.

That's it for now.  I've got some fun new toys on the paint table just waiting basing...

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Gundam it!

 Mini-me minor wanted to play Gundam, so we did

simple scenario with home-brew rules and an excited mini-me

I panted up some new Gundams
Swoosh, Explode!
no, hide
pehaps not
errr, hide?
Swoosh, Ker-BANG
Push, push, push
Ooops, perhaps not
and again...
not finished yet
Perhaps that chaaarge thingy worked
more Swoosh
Bang, Bang
Got you
Told you
Noo, off course!
Chaaarge, again
Its looking grim
Leaders clash
Victory! Nooooo, denied.

The Gundam takes down the Wyvern leader, but is quickly blown apart by missiles
The Gundam went down in a blaze of 12 damage points...

...Mini-Me took it well.  We played again the next day, he got his revenge

A Brave New World

 One of the few things I've managed to do is finish a group of buildings.  Now painted and glazed.

Its a nice little town group, here are most of them on a 2x2' area.

They do stack together nicely to represent larger buildings

The glazing is just blue plastic film from the craft shop.

Next step, a game using them, I wish!

A gap, A bit of a diversion, A change and A win

The Gap, soooo, long time no posts, again.  This time I do have a good excuse, honest I do, I changed jobs last summer, but first a small Diversion.

For the last 11 years I've worked in a small-ish company which has been trying to develop new medicines for both cancers and rare genetic diseases.  Over the last few years we've done OK on the oncology front, we launched two new drugs for genetically-defined leukeamias.

Our first, Idhifa

Our second, Tibsovo
This is great, especially as I've worked on both programs across their development.  Then things changed.  Last summer our leadership decided that we as a company should not split our focus, so they sold all of the Oncology side of the business.  Our new focus is 100% rare genetic diseases.  I was pretty happy with this as this was where most of my focus was anyway.  

The Change.  
I used to be a Research Fellow, doing computational biology across the whole rare-disease portfolio.  As part of new reorganization I was asked to pivot directions onto one of my long-standing areas of interest and take a bit of a huge step too.  I agreed, and now I'm running a lab group focusing on genetic diseases of mitochondria.  Its been a long time since I was in the lab, so I have been quite busy hiring and getting the lab set up.  The cost, very little time to play and paint, or really do much else...  ...things are stabilizing now so I'm trying to fix that.

And the Win, well last week the FDA just granted approval to our third drug, and our first rare genetic disease drug, Mitapivat (Pyrukynd), for a form of haemolytic anaemia.

This is the first approved treatment for these patients,  to say we are are all fairly pleased is a bit of an understatement  =8-)

So, with all this out of the way and the lab time evaning out, tim to get some more soldiers painted, played with and as COVID is declining (finger's crossed it stays that way), prep for this year's GZG ECC, woohoo!