Sunday, April 4, 2021

The Springening... last

  Who would have thought that we'd be in lock-down for a year?  Well we passed that anniversary recently, amid some downright poor weather here in the NE.  So what's been going on then?  Another cancelled GZG ECC, bummer, too many Zoom/Webex meetings and a lot of staying warm...

We still got out a lot, even the Mrs OA, who famously hates winter, got outside this year

We went hiking with the Cub Scouts (mini-me-minor)

As soon as we were allowed to, we went camping with the Scouts (mini-me-major).  This was the fisrt time we'd been out of the house overnight in nearly nine months...   ...even though it was sub-zero overnight

The cub-scouts couldn't camp so we had a Camp-In, mini-me-minor built a camping fort in the den then they lit the fire and we had S'mores

But the cat summed it up well, she wasn't comming out of her yurt until it was warm...

...or a least until I picked up a paintbrush

Onto soldiers.  I did get some solid work done on the AA crusty set, its 'almost' finished.  I also got some new sci-fi buildings so I pulled out the airbrush and got painting.  Now the basement is warmer I may even play a game or two

Monday, January 25, 2021

AA D9: Life's a Riot

 My cat's a Puddi cat...

Puddi truck ambushed in Sector 8.  Drone operators spot some unusual activity

Armed Crusties have ambushed the truck, thy are holding back mobs while looting the truck, this level of organization is unprecedented

Intel infers this central groups is directing the operation.  This could be evidence of an intelligent Crusty.  
MNU pour resources into the area, priority one: capture the intelligent crusty alive, two: halt the looting, this much cat food could destabilize the Sector and start a war.  Scramble Spec Ops team for capture

Combat drones advance into a hail of fire, the drone's armour shrugs it off.  Threat assessment algorithms ramp up the aggression matrix

The rotary cannon blasts a path through the Crusties

Breaking their morale


More Crusties mown down

The drones engage the heavy weapon team too

Down goes the loader

Then the leader

The MNU troops advance forwards cautiously, feedback from the drone operators indicates a heavy insurgent presence

MNU move to shut down reports of a hotspot

All this activity enables the porters to escape with more Puddi cans

Success, kind of, there's more to get out

Awesome hotspot rolls...

Right on top of MNU forces

Crusties swarm into the area

Yup, report were right, this is an insurgent  hotspot

The smart Crusty corrals the porters


Spec Ops team in the VTOL, two snatch operators and an operator in an exo-frame for firepower

The VTOL searches for a spot to put down

Clear a path!


Morale fails under heavy fire, Crusties run (shrink)

Drones take a key intersection, can they hold it?

All signs point to yes.

A high value target, a Crusty heavy weapon!

BRAAAP, the rotary cannon cuts another swath (hard to believe, but this was actually randomly rolled, like the last one)

The drones account for the remaining Crusties

LZ clear, proceed to drop

Operators away

Power out and circle for Pick up


All that fire, and the arrival of the Spec Ops has spooked the porters.  This is not good for the Crusty victory conditions


Does not quite go to plan

The 'bots smash the Crusties

The Drones advance to support the spec ops

Regular MNU move to support

Only one insurgent group is left to counter the Spec Ops team

The exo pivots

and BRAAAP  Crusties down, their return fire plinks off the exo's armour plating

The Spec Ops charge the unprotected smart Crusty group ,the Crusty minder step up to protect their leader

Crusties down!  Leader captured.  Spec Ops need to get their captive out of here, VTOL called in...

MNU looking like they have the advantage right now

Porters cowering, the exo covers the captive

Drones heading to cover the exfil

Whoa nellie! 

Crusties pour out of the buildings, MNU have kicked over some anthill

What's this, a crusty rapid-reaction force?  MNU have never seen these before

VTOL circles back for pick up, is the LZ clear?

Why no, its not, find a new LZ

The drones rush forwards to clear a path for the Spec Ops


Splat!  Cower!



The Drones absolutely mow down Crusties

New LZ identified, MNU troops move to secure

Wait, there's a few stragglers left

Not for long...

The second fire team advances to clear the LZ

Job done!

Face off.  Who will blink first?

Not the crusties, they have no eyelids, they lose the interrupt

The Spec Ops team chooses to get their captive out of the fire zone

They have no idea what's behind them

They are not behind for long, the Crusty cav rush forwards, firing wildly, they manage to totally miss the spec ops troops

Smoke out, VTOL inbound

Get to the choppa!

Keep the LZ clear at all costs

That's not gong to be easy, more Crusties pour in to prevent the capture of the smart-crusty

Without the leader coordination suffers, this group fail to appear (they would have arrived at the captured hotspot)
Drones do Drone stuff

Morale fails again, looks like no more cat food is getting out of this Sector


While the Crusties are thinking about it the Drones cut them in half

That's a long run to the choppa, then I remember they can't run with a dependent, DOH!

Spec Ops hustle to the LZ

Time is ticking

MNU engage the one Crusty unit that could be a threat


And with a spectacular morale failure, Crusties are shaken and run away, this group ceases to be a threat

VTOL down

In, in, in!
VTOL powers out, Spec Ops on board

With that MNU have now captured their first intelligent Crusty.  The remaining mop up reveals Crusty heavy weapons and a new form of Crusty animal, the riding beast.  MNU have also prevented a small war by keeping the cat food supply down in this Sector.