Saturday, November 19, 2022

Spacehulk (sort of)

 Well nearly... ...but first, Lost Patrol

The idea of this (long forgotton?) GW game appeals to me, its an exploration, lay-tiles-as-you-go, game of scouts and tyranids.  Unfortunately, the rules stink, its nearly impossible for Marine players to win, however, its a tile-based game, so sub in SpaceHulk rules and 15mm figs and its sort of a travel space hulk

Especially when there was a fan-made version of space hulk tiles, these I downloaded and stuck on wooden tiles, I use my old Freikorps Marines and some GZG Aliens

In the original, the goal is to get to the dropship.  Here as I have one, its get to the exit and the waiting APC (Konami in this case)

Mini-Me-Minor wanted to play, he stared out strong
Did some good advancing

To find the APC with two marines



Tha APC!

Unfortunately, the remainder of the squad had less success exploring



Ruh, Roh!





And its Game over man, Game over!

So two marines got out.  Its way more fun with SH rules than Lost Patrol rules. 

On another topic entirely, its time for ECC GZG Con planning, I think this year I'm going with Aliens, in 20mm.  Time to use all these new figs in a big game
Ah, Etsy, you are such a temptress.  Lots of new terrain from her.

Plus a new 1/76 Cheyenne dropship

Sweet! My old 1/72 APC fit underneath!  And yup, those wing pods DO retract, th efront misse wings don't open though, but still its great for a fan-made 3d print, and WAY cheaper than getting an unobtaniun Aoshima version.

Its in the paint shop today, as are the APCs to match colour.

Stay Frosty Marines!

Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Summer That Changed Everything...

 Wow, last post was in July, its now nearly Dec, what on earth have I been up to?  Well, funny I should ask me.  This summer saw some big changes here in Occasional Ambush Land. 

First, Biotech threw quite the monkey wrench early summer when totally out of the blue the company I worked for laid off most of its Research folks.  That was a bummer, I spent much of early summer helping my team get jobs then it was my turn to look.  More on that later...

Next, as I was a Gentleman of forced leisure it was time to do some fun stuff...

First was a High Adventure trip with Mini-Me-Major and his Scout Crew

We went to the Alagash waterway in Maine

The crew selected the route

We loaded canoes and off we went for a week

Camping was by the side of the water

It was in the middle of nowhere and gorgeous

In between there was LOTS of this...

This is us puling in to finish the trek -> it really was a great adventure.  I'll be back when Mini-Me-Minor is older (he's also a Scout)

The Mrs OA decided that as I wasn't now working all hours it was time for an extended vaction back to Blighty to visit Grandma and Uncle OA (AKA my Brother)

Uncle OA lives in Yorkshire, it was a great excuse to ride a train to Whitby on a day out.  Both Mini-Me-Major and Mrs OA enjoyed the Dracula connection!

Then we went off to London

To see some sights

We HAVE to have at least one wargaming reference, this is as close as I got.  A quick snap at Horseguards.

After London it was time to visit Grammy in New Orleans, excellent for me and Mrs OA as we could inflict the Mini-Mes on her, and off we went!

And now back to the job hunt.  Part of why we coud go jetsetting around was while I was away in Maine (with no phone service), I got offered a job... ...which I accepted.

First on the agenda was a team-building trip, to Aspen!

Aspen's private airport, I have never seen so many private jets in one place before

We did get a little time off, this was Maroon Bells, it was spectacular

This was more fun, a spot of whitewater rafting

Class 3 rapids, awesome!  

Then it was back to real life.  Our site is a start up, we have literally been doing everything from ground up, as a bonus we scored a super lab space with a killer view

So now its back to working all hours as we get set up and programs running.  And my job, I'm running the Biology team at the site, a bit of a step up from the last job  It's a bit scary, but in a good way, as we have recruited a great team.

This time I'm really tring to make some time for non-work things.  For example, Mini-Me-Mino has become a fan of Aliens, so we have been playing Space Hulk (more of that later), and he is wild over a new toy.  This...
Nerf ran a preorder for this, I snagged one

Yup, it is

A pulse rifle, a nerf M41A pulse rifle
It is sooo much fun

And the ammo counte works!  Mini-Me-Minor LOVES it...  (so do I!)

Saturday, July 9, 2022

To Infinity and Beyond

A deep space freighter has been overtaken by Xenos, the Colonial Marines have to blow the reactor to destroy it before it docks.

Space Hulk, you know it has to be done...

Stay Frosty Marines

Lower level of the ship, storage to the LHS, reactor access to the RHS

Three ladders down

Reactor control station (P marker as I couldn't find my computer marker)

Marines ready tovdeploy

Hut hut!

Nothing here


Splat, smart gun greases one


Reinforcements pour in

So close...

But wait,


 Lets Rock!





Chomp, man down!




Braaap!  watch the splatter

Check that bug hole

False alarm (entry site secured)

Whooosh, burn baby, burn

Heads on a swivel Marines

We got motion

Marines took a whuppin'

Still no closer to the objective

Whoa, man, watch out!

No worries, Braaap

And again?


Click, glup...

we got more bogeys inbound

'nother bug hole closed

Here too

Bolt racked, meet a personal friend of mine, this is my very own M41A...  ...Braaap!

Man they are everywhere

M41 says, No

One Frosty Marine

hustle up man

Its still just right there




Oh man, they are all over me

hut hut

I'm freakin' out man!


Die sucker!

Braaap, splat

They are on me like a cheap suit

Oh man, game over, game over man!



Me too

Lets just stay where we are for a while?

Its right there, lets go!

And breathe, Inhale

Braaap!, Braaap!
And Exhale.

Bugs building up

And more

But wait, there's only one of them

Not here there aint!

Click, click, not a good sound

Oh man I'm in trouble




Lets go! Whoosh!

Oh please, oh please unjam






Lets change that then


Oh yeah!

Watch that acid back splash


Yup, let's grab a coffee?

Ammo up Marines, its go time


Er, Ping, Ping, Ping


Ping, Ping, Ping, Ping...




Die Bugs!

Snap, Crackle and Pop

Watch your six!

Too late man

Mr M56, he say NO


3 CPs, can they make it?


3APs, +1 move and fire




Missed, one more CP of firing...

Hit!  Reactor controls destroyed.  

"Danger, core meltdown in 3 minutes, please proceed to the escape pods immediately"

(no more bug reinforcements from here on)

Escape pods?

The ladder down to the escape pods

But first...

You were saying?

You first, no you first...


Someone has to do it Marines or we are all dead

Not me!  Now how does the escape pod work?




and again, Braaap!

and once more with feeling, Braaap!

Fast forwards a couple of moves, Braaap! no door

M56 says, NO
Escape pod hatch located

Hustle it up Marines

The three survivors of the squad that went in, but they prevented the infected ship from docking, saving many lives.

I've played many games of Space Hulk they are always tense and swing both ways, its a great sytem and a fun game.  Beats me why GW doesn't still sell this game

But I don't use thier figs so I don't care.  My favourites are the Aliens/Colonial Marines.  This is my box of Reverisco Revenants, up until recently, the best stand in for 20mm Xenos I could find

Why recently? Because the same guy that made the Marines makes these beauties

3-up of 6mm Xenos, ideal for 20mm.  And the dynamism and variety of poses is super.  So I got a lot (120 of them...)

But wht about eggs?  Well Estsy to the rescue again, a seller had these markers in FDM.  Of course I had to have a set.  They are supposed to be for 28mm, but they are a bit small, so ideal for the 20mm figs.

Go ahead, make my day!

P.S. The eggs are listed as Tyranid objective markers, this seller has them: 3DSupplyDropper