Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sweep and Clear - an AAR

Game On! - find the Prawn's weapons cache ASAP...

Table: a shanty that has grown around an old MNU base (staffed only by robots these days)

Regulars deploy from GEV transports ready to search for weapons.
Insurgent groups spread through the shanty
Regulars move into the shanty

Ambush: regulars bumped by insurgents...
...who pay for the ambush
Regulars move into the center of the shanty
And eliminate an insurgent group (casualties then break morale)

More insurgents flood into the area
After eliminating insurgents (reaction, morale fail), Regulars search for weapons - no luck here

In the center of the shanty regulars come under fire
Regulars make the insurgents pay for the ambush
Insurgents move into commanding positions
No cache here...
Insurgents use the heights to their benefit
Pouring withering fire into a regular team - eliminating the whole team

In the center the second regular squad takes advantage of a successful move interruption to evade the insurgent flood
Next turn they search for weapons and uncover the Prawn's cache

VTOL inbound - Prawns scatter rather than be gunned down from th eair.
Game over man! - pretty closely fought game, Regulars won because of a successful move interrupt, if it had failed things would have been less rosy for MNU.


  1. Looks great, and a nice write-up.

  2. Excellent AAR! I like how you've painted the small robots. Looking forward to more AARs.