Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Snatch! - an AAR

Snatch- An ARR

Game On! - Mr. Big, a local arms dealer has been sighted in the Pizler Corp building. A Regular snatch team is dispatched to extract him.

Table: Corporateville, a small slice of down-town. The Pizler Corp building has a convenient helipad. The snatch team starts on the helipad and must return Mr. Big to the opposite table edge for extradition.

Pizler Corp at bottom w. helipad. Regulars enter top in VTOL

Regulars: one Section of two fire teams.

Insurgents: three groups all w. leaders 1x(leader, LMG, SA) 1x(leader, 5 SA) and 1x(leader, LMG, 2 SA). Insurgency L4- regular entry charts.

Regulars enter Corporateville in VTOL with UCAV escorts
Surprising the insurgents - giving them time to get to the Pizler building without taking fire

Delta fire team rush the building and capture Mr.Big

Charlie fire team clears a route out of the building

While insurgents mass for an ambush

Insurgents fail to beat regular interrupt roll ... and pay the price dearly

After some excellent rolling by the regulars
Another failed interrupt and the regulars dish out more trouble for the insurgents (one kill - the leader) and one run away (morale =1).
Second fire team exits the building and pours fire into the remaining insurgents... ...killing them off

Another insurgent unit moves into position
While another falls back to cut-off the regulars

But the insurgents roll badly for more reinforcements

Another failed interrupt (got a pattern forming here) and the Regulars with Mr.Big dodge the ambush by sprinting forwards
Leaving the second fire team to hose the insurgents with deadly accuracy
Wiping out the entire group
More insurgents pour into the area...

...Creating a pincer attack for the insurgents

But things go badly (no leader, failed interrupt test), regulars pour on fire

And the insurgents flee (morale fail)

Regulars move across the gap - insurgents fail movement interrupt - regulars move out of LOS

Next turn - Game over -> Delta fire team extract Mr.Big.

Playing on to see what happens to Charlie fire team. Charlie moves up, insurgents lose interrupt (again) and get hosed for their troubles.

Leaving a litter of bodies in their wake the Regulars complete their objective

After the initial onslaught of great dice rolling for the Regulars the insurgents had some horrible dice rolls for reinforcements and interrupts. Loss of leaders really hurt their chances against the Regulars.

A fast and one-sided game for the Regulars, I guess it just happens sometimes...


  1. Nice game!
    Love the cityscape - real modern/sci-fi, where'd you get (or how did you make) the buildings?

  2. Thanks Donogh. The buildings are wooden plinths from a craft store, the doorways and roof a/cs are wooden letters from the same store. I got the idea at Historicon, I saw a guy made an entire city for a Battletech game out of the plinths. I'll try get a better building shot posted soon.

  3. Class!
    First photo, I thought they were stacked plates!
    The roof-top ventilation and blue tinge on the windows really complete them

  4. Great setup! Just a quick question: what company is that Mr. Big from?

  5. Thanks Dis.

    Mr Big is from Splintered Light's unarmed spacers pack: Both packs are really nice character figs with superb detail for 15mm figs.