Sunday, June 6, 2010

Swarm! - an AAR

Swarm - modified Sweep and Clear (from AA rule book).  Instead of regulars (marines) a squad of contractors is tasked with sweeping a Prawn shanty.

The Contractors enter the shanty - wary Prawns look on

The contractors advance...

And run into stiff resistance

But manage to score early hits on Prawns

Second fire team advances pouring fire into Prawn ambushers

Decimating the Prawn squad

Prawn reinforcements pour into the area

First contractor squad loses interrupt check and is slaughtered by Prawn ambushers...

On the flank the second fireteam clears a spawn point and advances only to suffer a similar fate, a failed interrupt role

Leading to more contractor casualties

The contractors retire to check casualties

While the swarm builds

Another failed interrupt - Game over...

Prawns got a lot of reinforcements, some fair shooting roles and some fortunate interrupts. 

A lack of heavy weapons really hampered the contractors throughout the game.

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  1. Love the tabletop and the colors you painted your shacks!
    Will "follow" you ;)!