Friday, October 29, 2010

An interlude - Who ate all the Space Pies!

Huzzah! I just managed to get hold of a lot of painted Micropanzer SAS figs.  On a quick look-over I think they are better in 'the lead' than they appear in the unpainted photos.  They look like they are wearing segmented/sectioned overlapping armour.  They all have backpack powered weapons with conspicuous hoses.   They have some belt-kit with knife/pistol back-ups.  The helmeted troops are fully enclosed style helmets, I've only a few beret troops and that's OK as the beret is one of the weak spots, its more of a Russian beret than a british style.

A major plus is Micropanzer's painting. Its very neat, nicely highlighted/shaded and realistically camouflaged and toned yet still sci-fi, an excellent bonus!

And more good news, these figs have NOT eaten all the space pies...

Some comparisons:

Above Micropanzer leader vs Peter Pig FFL.  The figs are approx the same height and body-size, the MP fig is just more bulky with armour.  Next MP vs Old Crow

Again, same general height/bulk, the difference being the MP armoured suit.  This is good. Next one of the mainstays of my 15mm sci-fi forces - an old GZG NAC trooper
More good news, good compatibility with MP, with the difference mostly being the suit.  This is OK as my NAC are used as light infantry.  Next, I have a few of the new NAC troops from GZG

This illustrates one of my peeves of the 'new 15mm' sci-fi ranges, rampant scale creep.  While I do like the new NAC figs they are a head taller and much bulkier than the old figs.

A group shot, new NAC, old NAC (GZG), Peter Pig, Old Crow

Another group shot, MP, P.Pig, old GZG, new GZG.  The MP and new GZG are about the same size, but the MP fig is fully armoured while the new GZG has just been at the space pies..

OK, enough interlude back to the regular stuff.

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  1. We've talked about this several times, but the pictures really bring home the point. Thanks for this.