Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Rise of The Machines!


Military a.i.s have run amok. Nationalist clones have deployed interdict teams to hunt down and destroy rogue units.  Nationalist Intel has identified a safe house used for machine transmissions.  The mission: advance to, and capture, the safe house.  Rules for robots as previous, they are A.I. controlled 'smart bots' so order as will, two 'wounds' (in two separate firing incidents to destroy, on one wound can reboot on 6+ on QR, second kills)

The machines launched a war which ravaged cities, the A.I.s made a mistake, it only made the humans madder...
 Interdict team ready for deployment.  Combat clones plus support drones and care-bears
 Lurking in the city, potent death machines

 The target - the machine safe-house/transmitter center (brownie points if you know the Brewery!)
 Clones enter the combat zone
 Clones deploy into the rubble of the city

 Surveillance drones circle overheard providing "god-vision" (no sneak moves!)
 Clone advance falters as the machines open fire
 Old ABC robots claim the first blood, return fire from the clones knocks them out though!
 The second clone unit falls to the same fate
 But manages some effective return fire
 Combat drones mop-up in the center
 Reinforcements move to flank the pinned clone unit
 More reinforcements pour into the combat zone
 A heavy-combat unit in the center reboots successfully
 As do the ABC unit
 Not for long, effective fire from the clones knock them out for good!

 A care-bear rushes to recover a casualty
 Another care-bear recovers a casualty
 Combat-drones advance
 Clones flanked and ambushed, more clones go down
 return fire knocks-out a couple of doids
 The clones are pinned...
 More reinforcements appear
 More care-bears, just what the clone-doctor ordered
 Still more bad news on the casualty front
 Remaining clones engage and knock-out/down the flanking droids

 Combat-drones engage a war-droid in the center
 And, BOOM!
 On the left-flank the clones are struggling, more casualties, despite a droid KO

 Care-bears race to and fro
 Good news at last! The clones recover a casualty and knock-out the threatening droid.
 The clones grab the slim window of opportunity to advance fast
 Drones mop-up as they advance knocking down another ABC droid and a heavy-droid
 However, more reinforcements appear in front of the advancing clones
 and behind them too
 and to the side of them.  Things don't look too good...
 SIZZLE, drones clean-up!  really they KO all reinforcements due to some awful interrupt rolls and some great saving rolls by the drones
 The clones dart forwards into the gap
 Victory in sight!
 Uh-Oh, may be not
 The drones advance, the lead drone is KO'd by the war-droid
 Drones reply, KO ABC droid
 KO both war-droids
 A clone unit darts forwards into the building, and falls to a deadly ambush
 The remaining clones rush to support the unit
 Meh! poor fire discipline
 A lone stalker reactivates behind the clone front
 As do the war-droids

 ZAP! the drones knock-them out for good
 Drones advance to support the clones
 Drone KO Droids
 Clones finish-off the job this time
 And we have a winner!

A close-fought game.  I thought all was up for the clones earlier, fortunately the drones were highly-effective in this game, accounting for most of the clone droid KOs.  The lack of morale and pinned/fall back to recover wounds helped the drones/droids a lot and really forced the clones to fight very differently.  In the end it came down to the machines getting a couple of rounds of low-numbers of reinforcements, if they had more I doubt the clones would have made it.