Friday, May 20, 2011

Contracting Trouble - Two Ways

Commonwealth has been invaded by aliens.  Commonwealth Marines rush to rescue a 'Government Agency' team caught in an ambush.  The game is straight up 'Contracting Trouble' using Prawns as alien insurgents and Marines from the AA book.

Inspired by a dodgy movie (Battle: Los Angeles) I thought I'd play Contracting Trouble with alien invaders in rubble 'city'.  The Commonwealth City of Morpeth has been bombed to bits, Spooks to rescue, on with the game...

 Two 'spooks' out 'data gathering' get caught in an ambush

 Alien invaders rush in like flies to honey
 A Marine section is scrambled to rescue the Spooks
 Aliens await

 Charlie team, Contact right, Plasma team
 Contact KO'd
 Delta Team, contact, plasma gunner
 Delta sprints to secure a hotspot
 Sqd leader bounds toward Spooks
 Alien mob rushes Charlie team
 Charlie coolly guns down aliens

 Aliens leaders scramble to respond to the human initiatives
 Charlie team hoses the Aliens, killing them all
 Charlie bounds forward to the Spooks
 Aliens Plasma team rushed forward to counter
 A small hoard of Aliens appear near Delta team
 Delta falls back into cover and lays down effective and accurate fire into the aliens
 Charlie dispatches the Plasma team
 Scores so far, Humans lots:Aliens nil
 Charlie falls back under cover of Delta and Sqd leader

 Its not looking good for the Aliens
 But wait! more aliens appear, they aim at Charlie
 But charlie team beat the interrupt and evade, falling back to the escape line
 Delta finish off stragglers and falls back too
 Game over Man!  The Marines rescue the Spooks (who of course, never existed in the first place...)

A fast and furious game, the insurgents never won an interrupt.  The Marines were a big squad, all that fire power with no effective interrupts was the rapid end of the aliens.

On a side bar, its probably two years or more since these Marines have seen combat, while I do like fielding new figs its fun to pull old figs out and roll some dice every now and then.

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