Friday, May 20, 2011

Contracting Trouble V2 - Grud on a Greenie!

Drok!, Pat Wagon ambushed in the under-city with high-value Perps on board.  Scramble Judge Team Ryan to intercept.  H-V Perps recovery essential, authorize use of Combat Clone.

Contracting trouble, tinkering with variables.  I'm using fewer troops but better quality.  Two three-Judge teams  (Q D10, morale D12) plus one Combat Clone (QD12, M D12; two wounds, 1st wound drop one Q type, second = wound droll etc).  Lawgivers are +1 FP, clone's rifle +1 FP.

Judge-team moves into the under-city
Perps and Futsies stream in
Judges calmly create a cordon with combat clone in the center
Combat Clone!
Judges dispense instant justice to Futsie, combat clone sprints to secure hotspot
Got it!

judges advance towards pat-wagon
Perps pour in, perp leader joins in.
judges contact Pat-wagon
BLAM!, heatseeker, dead perps

Halt in the name of the Law!
Taking the Law to the Lawless

Perp reinforcements crowd the pat-wagon
Judge Down!
Ricochet!  More Perps judged
Rapid Fire!
and again
Perps 1: Judges LOTS!
Combat clone moves to mop-up stragglers
Judges retire with perps and wounded judge
Combat clone tidies up around the edges
Judges retire in good order

Game over Man!  Judges extract HV-perps from the table


  1. The pics alone are very nice already! Very nice work!

  2. enchanting game and wonderful scenary!!!

  3. just a question... which scale are the cars? are them H0 or just toys?

  4. The cars are US HO scale model railroad cars, the buses and trash truck are Matchbox.