Saturday, February 4, 2012

Space Pies part 2

Over on TMP there has been a thread about the size of the old RAFM Heavy Gear Figs.  The gist was they are way too big for 15mm figs.

Not so fast say I, here's a comparison shot of some of the newer GZG figs with my old HG figs.
They are still a bit taller than the GZG figs, but not by much.

The Company Rules #8: Undiscovered Country

The Company Rules #8: Undiscovered Country

Two trooper teams per side, both forces must plant four beacons in a square grid.  First to get all beacons wins.  Oh, and there is an EW problem with this world, all electronics tests (shooting, setting beacons, missiles etc have a 50% chance of failure.

Peaceful, for now

Hajunka Marines are fed up with this place, time to plant the retrieval beacons and blow this joint
Biomass, we need to call the cube to assimilate the biomass
Both sides jockey for position.  Hajunka opts to split up, one team to pin down the Borg, the other to plant beacons.  The Borg stay together
1-4 of 8 go on overwatch, 5-8 of 8 move to plant beacons
Hajunka heavy fire team sneaks up on the Borg
Hajunka get the first beacon up and running (Google is doing something odd, this shouldn't be sideways)
Borg fail to get beacons up
1-4 of 8 open up on the Marines, scoring poorly (its the EW disruption of firing)
Hajunka fire back, same problem, no hits
Hajunka move on, trying to set more beacons
The Borg modulate their phasers and score hits on the Marines
The Marines have some luck in return
Marines hustle to get beacons up - they keep failing their EW test
The Borg get two beacons running
Shots trade ineffectually in the middle
Still no beacons?  Time to do something different paerhaps
Oh no, the Borg go all out launching salvos of ballistics at the central marines
One down
Two down
KaSplat, all down (best round of Ballistics EVER!)
The Borg gain the upper hand in the center
But, the Marines do get another beacon running
More than can be said of the Borg
The surviving Marines cover each other as they try to set more beacons
Inflicting more damage on the Borg
But by exposing themselves they start to take hits
Borg and Marines trade hits on the flank while both forces jockey to plant beacons, its now a race to get the last two running
More firing, more wounds
Borg get a beacon up, one to go!
Marines get beacon 3, and try setting beacon 4
Borg get beacon 3, both sides need one beacon to win
The Borg go for broke with a Ballistics salvo
Which spectacularly fails to get through, only one missile squeaks by
But it scores hits on the Marine, but not enough to kill him and prevent that beacon
More missiles, the Borg focus on the last Marine setting beacons
This time two missiles get by
Boom!, Marine down, no beacon
Meanwhile, the Borg plant thier last beacon.  the Cube is on its way.  Win for the Borg.
Alas, the last two survivors are destined to be assimilated...
The field at the end
What a cracking good game.   There was lots of firing, trading wounds, drama from beacons failing and a couple of fun spectacles from the missiles.  It really came down to that last round of firing, if it has failed the Marines (who won initiative) could have got their beacon up before the Borg. 

This is one of the reasons why I really enjoyed picking up and playing these rules.  The game is small, fast and the fate of a force really can pivot mid-game.  Fun a small (and cheap) packet!

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Company Rules #7: Break Out

The Company Rules #7: Break Out

One trooper team must fight its way out to opposite board edge past three trooper teams.  One point gained for each trooper escaping, deduct one for losses.  So its three troopers off for the win!

This town been pretty well fought over.  One of the combatant teams is trying to escape, from left to right.  Meanwhile trooper teams appear at the other board edges

 I forget what these were called, old laserburn figs
 Earth Force troops flood in
 These are from Rebel Minis
 Three teams appear
 Time to run!
 Everyone advances
 Escaping troops spot Earth Force down the street
 but sprint by them in among the crates
 Wait a minuite, there's something ahead
 View from the other end, look out, its an ambush
 Blammo, Earth force gun down one of the runners
 But take some hits themselves
 The other teams rush to cover and support
 Earth force open up with all they have
 But don't do much. In the exchange an Earth Force trooper goes down
Runners boost armour and charge into melee
A rolling melee forms preventing the other Earth Forces engaging the runners
The board edge nears and the escaping troops make a break for it, leaving the Earth Forces flat footed
Heavily wounded, so close to the edge, perhaps they can make it
One Earth Force trooper can still range in
So its time for missiles out!
Two missiles make it through
Killing the straggler
Two troopers make it off
So near!  Two troopers for the draw.  One more inch of movement and three would have made it.

This was a toughie for the escapees, three on one is usually a win for the three.  Fighting to a draw  was a much closer game than a couple of the recent ones, much more fun to play.

Next game soon.