Friday, February 3, 2012

The Company Rules #7: Break Out

The Company Rules #7: Break Out

One trooper team must fight its way out to opposite board edge past three trooper teams.  One point gained for each trooper escaping, deduct one for losses.  So its three troopers off for the win!

This town been pretty well fought over.  One of the combatant teams is trying to escape, from left to right.  Meanwhile trooper teams appear at the other board edges

 I forget what these were called, old laserburn figs
 Earth Force troops flood in
 These are from Rebel Minis
 Three teams appear
 Time to run!
 Everyone advances
 Escaping troops spot Earth Force down the street
 but sprint by them in among the crates
 Wait a minuite, there's something ahead
 View from the other end, look out, its an ambush
 Blammo, Earth force gun down one of the runners
 But take some hits themselves
 The other teams rush to cover and support
 Earth force open up with all they have
 But don't do much. In the exchange an Earth Force trooper goes down
Runners boost armour and charge into melee
A rolling melee forms preventing the other Earth Forces engaging the runners
The board edge nears and the escaping troops make a break for it, leaving the Earth Forces flat footed
Heavily wounded, so close to the edge, perhaps they can make it
One Earth Force trooper can still range in
So its time for missiles out!
Two missiles make it through
Killing the straggler
Two troopers make it off
So near!  Two troopers for the draw.  One more inch of movement and three would have made it.

This was a toughie for the escapees, three on one is usually a win for the three.  Fighting to a draw  was a much closer game than a couple of the recent ones, much more fun to play.

Next game soon.


  1. Hah, excellent. That rolling melee was a good one; they would have been slaughtered otherwise, methinks.

  2. Great report and amazing terrain. The lizard guys are Szithk from I have a group of these awaiting painting in the lead mountain.

    Who makes the shipping containers?

  3. Thanks folks.

    The shipping containers were bought at Historicon (from Rod Campbell I think) and from a model railway store.

  4. Your GZG buildings look very, very good!
    Nice report!

  5. Thanks Stuuh, I wondered if that was the case. I have six of Rod's medium sized containers I am painting up at the moment. They're great models.