Friday, February 3, 2012

The Company Rules #6: Assassins

Huzzah, a Wargame!
The Company Rules #6: Assassins

The defender gets 3 security teams (less effective than troopers) plus four character figures.  Attacker gets 3 trooper figures only.

Goal of the attacker is to kill the main character, trouble is they don't know which is the main character, so as they shoot characters they roll, first kill is a 6 to win, second 5,6 third 4,5,6.  If they roll the score (or get to the final character) they have won.  It doesn't matter how many troopers are lost as long as they get their target.

Troopers and characters must start 12" apart

A quiet part of town about to get really loud

 The fine folks of town about their business
 Or perhaps just loitering in doorways
 Or chatting up the Security Services
Perhaps even leaving work...
...under the watchful eye of the security Services, that is.  This may not be such a nice place after all
Suddenly, patrons spill out of the bar.  Two clones plus their ex-Spectrum handler, up to no good we think
 Security troops close in, characters run for (more) cover
 Zzzap, laser shots ring out, wounding a clone
Blamo, clones fire a 'golden BB' shot.  And who would believe it, first shot of first character and I roll a '6' = special character.  Bummer, game over man!
Ah, a bit to quick me thinks, so I try again and second shot I get my man.  Well it just goes to show civilians just are not very robust in this game.  I guess the way to play this is to have a huge board and just run characters around like headless chickens avoiding troopers as much as possible while hoping the Security Forces can tag troopers ASAP.

Anyway, lets press on, more games to be played.

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