Friday, June 8, 2012

Helloooooo, any one there

Quiet time at he blog these days as I've been in my post-ECC GZG Con lull, and leading into summer kid- and house/garden-stuff has had me busy. 

However, an old friend and I just recently revived our interest in gaming Warlord Africa using Peter Pig's excellent AK-47 Republic rules.   A few years ago when we both lived in New York we played a few games in a series with the same armies: MOFO (his), CRAP and ZITFACE (both mine).  The campaign got suspended as first I, then he, moved away for work/family.  This long intro serves to introduce, Zoswete, the fictional country we set our campaign in.  At the time I was learning how to blog, so I made a forray into bloggin with Zoswete: Its kind of sparse but got some old pics on there. 

So on to the revival, my friend was recently spotted recruiting ex-Rhodesians as a mercenary Fireforce into his army MOFO (unfortunately they did not make it in time for this engagement).  As luck would have it, he had to come up this way for work so he stayed over.  We managed to squeeze in a game before he left, so here for your pleasure is the latest installment in the Zoswete saga: 

Zitface spanks MOFO: MOFO is no mo'



  1. Man that looks like a hoot. I really should pick up the AK-47 rules and give that a go. I've already got the troops and terrain.

  2. Its a fun set of rules. I prefer the older one, not the reloaded version.

    How about I run a game of ak-47R at the GZG ECC?

  3. I think you'd find a very receptive audience there.