Thursday, October 4, 2012

Let's Rock! (Eventually)

I just watched Aliens, one of my favourite combat sci-fi movies.  What the heck, thought I, why not play out one of the more intense combat scenes from the movie - the initial Atmosphere processor ambush.

About 15yrs ago I put together an aliens set based on Marines and Aliens from the Freikorps range (now sold by QRF).  Since then I've added Pendraken aliens, Galoob Dropships, Konami APCs and more recently GZG Drones and Eggs (even that was years ago).  They have all been sitting patiently in their box for a while now, their last outing a Space hulk game at a GZG ECC.

But now the time for sitting is over, now its time to re-fight the ambush.  Cue the lights, cue the music, cue the Teaser!  (Sorry, tonight was only set up, playing is tomorrow or over the weekend)

Let's Rock!
Sub-Level Three; the Marines deploy on the ramp

 Stay Frosty Marines...

 The Target; colonist PDTs in the main cooling sub-station
 I'm going to use one of my favourite rule-sets for bug-hunts: Space Hulk (the first edition).  I play the Marines using the same rules as the Terminators and Aliens as 'Stealers.  The sub works well as these are Cinematic Marines and aliens.  Also as I've played these rules for years, I know that are great fun for these type of games.

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  1. A teasers? Oh no. Lets hope you get the chance to put up the battle report soon.