Monday, October 8, 2012

Stay Frosty Marines!

One montage of Marines moving through sweaty, damp tunnels later...

...Sarge we've got movement
 Focus on the mission, Marines.  Let's get to those colonists
 Outstanding CPs!
 But Marines are cautious
 Marines blast open doors and go on overwatch
We got contact, Front!
Its a  bug swarm, Sarge
 Braaaap!, between pulse rifle and smart-gun fire the bugs are brought down
 Meanwhile, out of sight more bugs infiltrate the area
 And more...
 These colonists are too far gone, burn this place down
 They're all around us Man!
Whoosh!, Burn Suckas!
 Uh oh...
 Bugs pour out of a side tunnel and CHOMP, Marines down
They got Phil and Mark man, those filthy bugs gotta go down!
 more CPs, time to go big or go home
 Aaargh, facehuggers spawn from un-burnt eggs
 More bugs swarm forwards
 Stay Frosty, Marines.
Burn baby, Burn
 Almost, facehuggers makes it through the flames
 Marines fall back in good order
 Watch your arcs, Marines
 Yay! CPs
Lt. Kinsey finally makes the call.  Fall back on point Zeta for pick-up
 Its a long drive
 But a longer walk in bug-infested terrain
 Meanwhile those facehuggers that survived the flames attack
 Bringing down a Marine
 Braaaap, Click.  Oh Noes, a jam
 CHOMP, ex-Marine and CHOMP, another ex-Marine
 Marines are in a tight spot here
 And finally I remember where my on-fire markers are
 Only a few Marines surviving so far
 The APC uncovers a big sneak around
 Bugs charge towards the APC
 Time for desperate measures.  the flamer Marine burns the last remaining quarter of the main room  (using old SH rules I divided the room into quarters for flamer templates)
 APC bounces more bugs
 Under the cover of flames the Marines get out of Dodge
 Nearly, the bug moves max APs leaving none left for combat.  The bugs suffer in reinforcements, for the last couple of turns they have only had chits for 1's
 Bugs swarm to get at the Marines
 ....Step back, and...
 Braaap! Splat!
 Flamer Marines runs for it
 APC KO's bugs swarming over it
 Flamer blocks the corridor
 Noooooooooo!  One bug got through
 Bugs lurk rather then face plasma cannons
 Lt. Kinsey dashes out to open the door for the Marines
 So close...
 So very close
 CHOMP, the flamer Marine goes down
 Bugs race to assault the exposed officer
 Run, Man, Run!
 Bugs mass behind the wall of flame
 Missed a photo, the Lt., Sarge and a Marine make it back to the APC, the Smart-gunner goes on overwatch to cover them
Plasma cannons mop up behind
 Game over, Man, Game Over!
The survivors: Rifle Marine, Sarge and a Smart-gunner

Wow, this was a quick and deadly game, Space Hulk is a fun bug-hunt rule set.

Bonus!  The result from this wasn't too far from the film. Hicks, Hudson and Vasquez survive.  I also had three plus the APC crew.  Hmmm, perhaps the Medlab should be the next game...


  1. Very nice and thanks for putting in the time to share your game. I take my hat of to you, you seem to be able to have a great time on your own.
    I lok forward to the med lab...

  2. I want you to lay down a suppressing fire with the incinerators, and fall back by squads to the APC.

    I thought for sure that "butter bar" LTC Kinsey was dead meat.

    Wow, what a great looking game. Also it seems like Space Hulk was an ideal ruleset.

  3. The Facehuggers you use.. I have looked through the different ranges you mention, but I can not find them! where are they from??


  4. Hi Robbert,

    The facehuggers are from GZG. IIRC an egg pod and a facehugger base is in the pack with the xenomorphs.

  5. Thanks a lot Stuuh :O)


  6. I'm courious,
    what rules do you apply to facehuggers?