Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summer's over - time to play soldiers again...

Summer's over, time for autumn/winter hobbies to pick up again.  that means some soldiers to paint (I'm aiming to run a game at the GZG ECC so that's to plan for) and some games to play.

Wargaming has been ticking over this summer on side projects:
  • AK-47 Republic, I finished off all remaining painting, with only basing to go
  • Scenery, I started exploring Worldworks roads and streets (with thanks to the Clear Horizon blog for the inspiration, LINK http://clearhorizonsalvage.blogspot.com/)
  •  Star Wars, my oldest boy is SW crazy so I've been tinkering with prepping some figs so we can play soon
But anyway, on to gaming.  I got some Worldworks streets set up on 6" tiles and decided to christen them with a game.  Its an adaptation of one of the Ambush Alley book scenarios.

Outbreak: Time to fight back

The continued push against the bug invasion.  Clones are pushing across a deserted city to establish a new security perimeter.  F-clones plus "little Brother" robots are pushing to secure the top-left most building after deploying bottom RHS

For now, a quiet part of the city.  Clones deploy bottom RHS, bugs push across in response

 Clones use an abandoned UN convoy for cover

 The target, the clones intend to set a cordon using this building as a corner

There are quite a few bugs active in the city
 Robots push up
 And beat the interrupt of a bug group, wiping three out, forcing the remainder back into cover
 Isolated bug leaders surge forwards
 Reinforcing faltering groups
 And boosting morale
 The clones sprint to secure hotspots
 Bug reinforcements appear to their front

 Temporarily, at least
 Very temporarily
 Robots push onto a second hotspot
 Bugs rush to ambush the robots in the open
 The other bug units move to block the advancing clones/robot forces
 ...Robots wipe up more bugs
 More reinforcements appear, but fail to interrupt the relentless advance of the robots

 Who continue to mow down bugs
 The clones get in on the act too, long range gunnery clears the central area
 Enabling the robots to assault the remaining bugs
 While the clones rush forwards to take advantage to a respite in bug reinforcements
 Neatly annexing a hotspot in the process
 The Robots cover the city
While a last hurrah from the bugs sees a solitary reinforcement appear at the very hotspot the clones are intending to shut down
 But, again, not for long.  The clones advance into their target building and start fortifying it to create a strong point for the continued push into the city
Aftermath, lots of splatted bugs.

This was meant to be an easy game to remind myself of the rules. It was, but in retrospect it was too easy, I used Q=D10 for the clones and Q=D6 for bugs, the two die shift is hard to beat, leading to the skewed result.  Next time only one die type difference unless its a last-ditch effort against a horde.

p.s Sorry photos are poor, I'm using the old camera and as I don't have a tripod the lighting needs to be a LOT better.


  1. Very nice setup! Love the buildings!

  2. Nice cityscape and models. I've also downloaded the Worldworks Streets, but have also got some card sheets of 'tarmac' from Metcalfe Models here in the UK (thanks to Felonmarmer's blog) and they also do sheets of self adhesive pavement that can be edged with kerbs. I'm going to stick them onmy squares of mdf from Warbases for a cityscape. Great post!

  3. Great report and a marvellous board to play on! What are the vehicles in the abandoned UN convoy?

  4. Thanks Paul.

    The tan vehicles in the UN convoy are, I think, ROCO Pinzgauers and Unimog ambulance. I'm not 100% sure as I picked them up in a flea market years ago.

    The red ones are a Roco(?) Pinzgauer and a couple of Old Crow jeeps (I forgot their name, Gecko perhaps?)