Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Off on travels

All figs for the GZG ECC are done just in time.  My efforts to paint and base like a crazy person has paid off as next week I'm off to India for work.

In the meanwhile, here are some teasers of my next project: Rogue Trader (1st ed of 40K) in 15mm

I'll add more once I'm back from the trip.


  1. Nice work Stuuh- good luck in India!

  2. Lovely work, but I'm drawing a blank on where the walker comes from. Help me out Stuart!

  3. Thanks folks.

    Mark, the walker is from Clockwork Goblin in the UK, for their alt-WW2 line. IIRC its the light US one. The gun on the shoulder is an old Dark Future laser cannon, ,essentially a scaled down version of the 40K plastic version.

  4. Thanks! He has a kind of SF3D look which is awesome.