Monday, November 4, 2013

More Games - Level 7 and Mercs

More from the w/e

After the Slammers game we played Level 7 from Privateer Press.

This is a cooperative place a tile/explore/fight game, the aim being to find the lift to escape level 7.  The back story involving our characters waking in a government lab which is overrun with aliens and security forces.  We (should...) work together to find the lift.  Unfortunately there was some misunderstanding over locked doors leading to our escapees splitting up, when the lift was found only one was able to get out, the other being left to be harvested by the aliens.

Then we read the blurb only to find out that the sole survivor was doomed, as the lift only went to level 6 -  they would have to do it all again - all the way to level 1.  They had no chance.

"Chomp Chomp" say the aliens.

This was a fun game, playing coop was different to the usual back-stabbing in games like Zombies.   As its a structured game I'm not sure how replayable it is, once a player reaches Level 1 would they really want to go back and try L7 again?

Sunday was a short morning.

Mark's lad plays Mercs and has some really nice figs.  He was kind enough to walk me through the basics and we played a short game.  I picked the red guys (Sefadu) as I liked thier paint job, I was up against the Yellow ones (CCC), it was great playing with nicely painted figs (sorry, got no pics).  It was tricky picking up the card mechanic, but it was an intersting approach to to a skirmish game.

After that it was home time.

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