Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hammers Slammers at GZG ECC

I'm going to run a big-ish Slammers game at the GZG ECC this year.  After laying out armour in prep to pack I thought I'd take some photos

I've got quite a few 15mm scifi vehicles, so rather than buy new vehicles I'm just using what I've already got.  All my units were formed prior to getting the HS rulebook, so they are not generally 'cannon' vehicles. One of these days I'll spend the time fitting them in better.

Detachments laid out

Commonwealth Battle Group

Free Foreign Legion (Division Legere)

Hi-Mobility Unit

Colonial Group (old Matchbox given to me by a friend)

More hover MICVs
7th Armoured Division
 Some old Grav-tanks
 Air Mobility

 Zoom into Commonwealth Armour with Artillery in rear

Commonwealth Command

Commonwealth MICVs with Support Group in rear

Commonwealth Artillery, Air Defence and Heavy Armour

Urban Combat unit

Commonwealth Infantry companies

Zoom into Command groups (all basing is finished now)
And, part of the terrain to fight over, a corner of a city
Next, packing these ready for the trip, quick read of the rules and prep some unit cards.


  1. Nice camo you've done there. Looks like it's going to be a good game.

  2. It's all great, but I really love those infantry.

  3. Should be a fantastic day, I'm sure all players will be impressed by your fearsome armies!