Monday, June 9, 2014

Battle for New World City

New World, another mercenary battle zone.  Government Loyalists hired Commonwealth forces (Early Lighting Div) to impose their will, while the Rebles hired The Free Foreign Legion (Div Legere).  New World City, the colony capitol is the last major battle ground, both mercenary corps are skirmishing to probe for weaknesses in defensive lines. This is one such skirmish.

Mercenary forces start at opposite corner of the city, they fight until one force breaks ( greater than 50% casualties from the whole force), the winner gets to exploit the breakthrough.

Commonwealth detachments (Early Lighting Div) - A mechanized recon group

 Commonwealth deploy to the North West
 Free Foreign Legion (Legere) - mixed recon group
 FFL deploy to the south east
 FFL enter the contested zone
 Street level view - all large vehicles do block LOS, armour can push them out of the way
 Commonwealth move in, turrets swivel to cover streets
 Command group led by heavy tanks
 Recce group speed forwards
 And score a nice hit on a tank destroyer, a main gun KO
 Victory is short lived, using secondary systems the tank destroyer effectively KOs the recce tankette
 Light tanks move to intercept the Commonwealth advance
 MBTs prowl forwards
 And bump a light tank, but despite rolling terrible dice they do KO its main gun
 Infantry-laden APCs surge forwards to debus their troops
 Infantry pour into hard cover
 While hastily prepping buzzbombs
 FFL gain the upper hand, light tanks flank the Commonwealth MBTs
 And Kapow!  one main gun kill and three missile locks, its not looking good from here
Or here
 Recce tankettes rush to flank the FFL APCs
They fail spectacularly, no hits at all.  The same cannot be said for the FFL buzzbomb teams, 6 teams, 5 hits, 3 vehicle kills
 While the commonwealth medium tanks grind forwards
 With appalling activation rolls
A FFL tank-destroyer moves up to earn their combat pay
 And BOOM! KOs the commonwealth MBT
 Game over Man!  Commonwealth are down to less than 50% strength, so must retire
 The FFL move to exploit the breakthrough

A fast and fun slammers game.  The Commonwealth didn't do anything wrong, their dice were just terrible.  However, I only I rolled average dice for the FFL so tonight it just didn't go the Commonwealth's way.

Inspired my Mark Kinsey's GZG game layout I bought some of the dropzone commander cityscapes, now I can game cities which are larger than two-square feet.  The templates are pretty good and are double sided giving decent variety.  They are intended for 10mm, but I can live with the scale discrepancy.

What's next? Well I caved, I've finally given in and bought some super-tanks.   I'm tempted to play a super-tank vs. OGRE, I may have to play that one out in the garden though as I don't think the basement is big enough!


  1. Great report with excellent pictures!

  2. Looks great! Glad you like those Dropzone Commander tiles.

    When I see those big hexagonal pavers in a city park I think it would be the perfect place for a big Ogre game.