Tuesday, March 17, 2015

When Armour Is Not Enough

Why are the FFL and Commonwealth fighting over this ground, who knows, but they are...

Commonwealth units cautiously patrol forward
 FFL run along the flank
 Commonwealth spread to avoid mines and other traps laid by the FFL during their tenure of this land
 The Commonwealth commander scans ahead
 And again, he's cautious
 Just as well, as out of nowhere a unit of light FFL armour and drones surge into view
 The lead FFL unit spots the Commonwealth vehicles
 More units pour forwards, gun drone in the lead looking for targets of opportunity
 Missiles streak from the lead units
While the gun drone engages the flank of a Commonwealth MICV, destroying it completely with all inside
 The other gun drone knocks out a main weapon on a light tank
 In response the Commonwealth MICVs leap forwards, debussing troops into close range
 The Commonwealth troops size up all targets
And pour small arms and buzzbomb fire into the light FFL Armour, KO-ing every TU in the unit
 Really, every one.  Infantry in The Crucible rules can be highly effective at short range against light to medium armour
 The view from the edge of the crater
 All missiles lose target lock (all firers are dead)
 The FFL respond with an infantry assault of their own
 Unfortunately, only half of the unit could get in contact (poor LP roll)
 It turns out to be the platoon commanders of both units locked in HTH
 The remaining Commonwealth tanks advance rapidly to protect their infantry
 The Commonwealth commander spots his FFL counterpart
 ATGM out!
 OMG what terrible rolling.  The Commonwealth miss everything
 But one FFL MICV
 The close assault goes as expected, the FFL wipe out the two Commonwealth TUs
 However, the ATGM scores a hit on the FFL command vehicle, destroying it and the FFL command TU
 Phew, a mid-battle shot
 The Commonwealth gain the initiative and respond to the FFL attack
 The infantry and MICVs kill the final FFL MICV and all four FFL infantry TUs
 This has to be the end for the FFL
 And, yes, it is.  The FFL flee the field, yeilding it to the Commonwealth
 But later...   ..the Commonwealth have established a forward base
Do we care?  Yes, we do! 

Unit Cards - FFL and CMG

As I don't play with cannon Hammer's Slammers units I  thought it about time to make my own unit cards.  So today at lunch time that what I did.  they are not pretty but they work for now.

Commonwealth Maneuver Group (main TUs)

Free Foreign Legion (main TUs)

Both need artillery and transports etc.  Most of the photos are placeholders, I'll replace them  and names of vehicles eventually.

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Aftermath

A quick game using Hammer's Slammers: The  Crucible rules

The bombs fell years ago... ...nature begins to reclaim the space

Until the howling of turbines shatters the peace.  Commonwealth armour enters from the south east
From the west a FFL armour patrol appears 
The FFL tanks enter the ruins cautiously
 Commonwealth armour crests a small hill
 The unit sweeps forwards
 Contact!  FFL unit seen
 Commonwealth tanks engage, drawing first blood
 FFL advance to engage
 Missiles ripple out from the FFL (using 'Rapid Fire')
 The Commonwealth has no answer, missiles inbound!
 And again
 FFL fire KOs a Commonwealth tank's main gun
 Missile time!
 Boom! another Commonwealth loses its main gun
 While a third learns that the combination of ATGM missiles and no point defences can be deadly
 Commonwealth tanks rush forwards to flank the FFL, hoping to KO the lighter tanks in the weaker side aspects
 The sole intact Commonwealth tank moves into overwatch position for the attack
 Frantic fire from the Commonwealth heavy support weapons finds a weak spot, one FFL tank down
 The overwatch tank ranges with its main Railgun

 And KaBoom! a supersonic projectile rips the length of the second FFL tank
 Things are not looking good for the FFL
 However, the FFL unit passed its morale (When the bullets Fly) and goes on the attack
 FFL closes to knife-fighting range
 Launching a salvo of missiles at the overwatch tank on the way
 At point-blank range the FFL main Powergun KO's one Commonwealth tank
 The other unit fails to scratch the FFL's front armour, and the overwatch tank misses  - UuOh...
 Fortunately the ATGM pings harmlessly off the overwatch tank
 The FFL seize the initiative and go for it again.  Missile out!
 Speed forward to gain a rear deck shot on the Commonwealth armour
 Only one missile gains target lock
 While the main gun shreds the Commonwealth tank
 Final approach
 View across the valley
 View from the other side, incoming missile!
 A hit! the ATGM KO's the main gun
 Next turn the FFL misses with their main gun, but gain another missile lock
 The Commonwealth are taking a pasting, the tank becomes immobilized.  At this point the crew bail
Leaving the sole FFL tank as the victor

A quick and fun game to remind myself of the rules in prep for the GZG ECC.  There will be more soon.

Tanks are a bit shiny as they need varnishing and its just been too cold here to varnish.  I hope I can get it done next weekend before the Con.