Sunday, March 15, 2015

When will the snow end...

Not today, its snowing, again.  This year's snow has been a tough, here in Boston we've had enough.  Its time for spring!

Anyway, other than shoveling excessive amounts of snow the last couple of months have been busy ones prepping for the GZG ECC.

I'm running two games, on Friday its going to be a Cowboy fight with my 20mm gunfighters.  I just managed to score a bunch of Kibri Westerns buildings so over the summer my town is ready to expand.  On Saturday I'm using the Crucible rules (Hammer's Slammers) to run an armour clash game.  I've been working steadily over the winter to finish off a couple of forces, my Free Foreign Legion and Commonwealth vehicles.

FFL Vehicles seen below Comonwealth armour

The entire Commonwealth force.

Most of these vehicles are on the lighter side so I wanted to get some super-tanks.  I opted for Khurasan's Siller and big gravs (WIP below)

They are HUGE, in a great way!

I've also been working on another game, to play this game I wanted to have a lot more urban terrain.  Inspired by a bunch of gamers I've been steadily buying some Kato N-scale city buildings.  The boys and I set some of them up the other day to play over

City block

Traffic jam.  Afterwards for fun I tried to see how dense a downtown I could make

This is 2'x3'  A good size for games like Ambush alley

Highway into town

View from the man in the street.  Once cars and other street furniture are on this will really come to life.

In other news I've finished basing another infantry company

But forgot to take their picture, this was a WIP pic.  I've based up another couple of platoons, including some powered armour for the HS games, and I finally painted and based my GZG NI figs.  So now I have lots of options for troops and vehicles.

So its time to get some games in...

And finally a quick plug.  The GZG ECC is coming up at the end of the month, its a great convention, very friendly and has some super folks running games.  I'm looking forwards to it a lot.



  1. Haha. The Siler tanks are huge...I have two myself. The grav tanks look like total beasts as well.

    Your Kato buildings are looking very nice setup. Any recommendation on where to get the best deal on the kato stuff, they look stiffly priced when I've looked before, but I suspect I'm being silly about where I'm hunting.

    Are the roads from the dropzone commander city scape stuff?

  2. Hi Daveb,

    The Kato stuff is expensive, I hunt for sales in railroad stores. The last set I got from Model Train Stuff, they were having a sale, looks like they still are. They also have Tomix (Tomytec) buildings too, they mix well with the Kato ones.

    The roads are Dropzone commander, I got them from Ebay.

    Link for the buildings: