Friday, July 3, 2015

Mini-Marathon: Part 1

Wow its July already!  Spring and summer so far has been (in no particular order): Biking, gardening, kids, work, writing a paper, and more work...

No1 son kitted out for a day riding the mountain

However, its time for an interlude.  My old friend Mark just staged through our house on a long road trip.  I took a slacker day off so we had the chance to catch-up, do some show-and-tell of some of my new toys and  play some games.

We had no plan, just headed to the basement and said "what do you feel like playing".  So part 1 is old-school Warhammer 40k Rogue trader (from my old, slightly falling apart, book)

OldHammer: Revenge of the Orks

The orks shanty

An Ork warlord has captured an Imperial Guard weapons platform.  They have hidden it in thier slum town (hidden cache numbers 1-4).  The Imperium has responded by sending a squad of Space Marines to recapture the platform.  The orks and marines as the same stats as 'The Battle at the Farm", the warlord is the minor hero.  The marines must search for the platform, Mark has designated one of the numbers (1-4) as the platform.  Marines discover which by coming into initiative range .

Orks deploy into hidden positions

 Marines wait to see which side they will deploy to
The flamer fire team deploys into the open, it immediately opens up on the nearest Orks.  The flamer proves deadly in a shanty.  Marines lots of hits, Orks splat!
The Marine NCO team proves less fortunate, they deploy straight into the thick of two Ork units, they waste no time, killing two Orks.
 Over on the Flamer team's flank the flamer ignites another Ork, the Orks break and run
 The warlord wastes no time too, (Mark is a fun Orky player, he really gets stuck in with Orks!), the warlord charges the Marines

 Long range Ork fire takes out two Marines
 The Orks smash into the Marines, killing one and smushing another with a power-glove (yes, all that's left are boots)
 Marines fall-back, Orks follow-up
 WHOOOSH, KERUMP!  The flamer makes the clustered Orks pay dearly, 100% hits
 Burning Orks flee

 On the other flank, in a desperate struggle the Marines finally take down the Ork Warlord.  The Ork squad in the top LHS has been sniping into the melee, killing both Orks and Marines
 Buring Orks rout from the table, they just can't put hose fires out
 Marines start getting ready to assault over the road
 Orks consolidate  to slow down the Marines
 That melee is still dragging on
 Flamer team runs forwards firing with everything they have, as they advance they realize that they can see the weapons platform
 The Flamer proves just too much for the Orks
 Orks consolidate
 The other Marines pour Bolter rounds into the flames
 The Orks are in a world of hurt
 The Orks just get hammered, only two remain
 The other Marines finally beat the Orks in melee.  It has cost dearly, three Marines down and one team effectively neutralized for the game.  Mark uses the finest green ablative armour known to man - an Ork
 This pair run for it
 And run
 The Marines advance to capture the weapons platform
 Orks rallied, only to be deep fried
 And again, burning orks
Over on the other flank, the burning squad that routed leaves a trail as they run.

Another great oldhammer 40K game, and nice reminder f how fun this game started as.  Also, Kudos to Mark, he plays a fun Ork warlord!

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