Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Power Vacuum in Zoswete brings out the Rascals

"Where the army at?"  is heard a lot on the streets these days.

When ZITFACE booted MOFO's behind General 'Bam Bam' Bembuto rewarded the army by giving them a holiday for being Good Boys.  Unfortunately, those 'Good Boys'  have become 'Naughty Boys'  and not come back to the army.  President Chanse is NOT a happy man.  He's quoted as saying: "Those Naught Boys better come back to the army or there will be trouble"

Meanwhile, The Z'wete RAG has heard that just recently, "The Retained Commando", Defender of the FaithLed by Wiffdeh Lawde and Bob Wajenzi's Light Industrial Workers for the People (LIWP),
faced off in a power struggle for control of the Plateau-Central.

The Game: AK-47 Republic (version 1)

I created two armies then rolled for type and, names and flags.  The forces were: (Religious) "The Retained Commando", Defender of the Faith  (TRCDF), led by Wiffdeh Lawde, and (Popular Front) Light Industrial Workers for the People (LIWP) led by Bob Wajenzi.

The TRCDF ended up as attackers, with FOUR! units on the table (normally I get 2-3).  LIWP got the worse rolls, only getting two units on the table.  In political rolls the TRCDF got a bunch of extra tanks and depleted the LIWP forces.

Onto the game!

The Plateau-Central region of Zoswete, hot and dry most of the year.

The Plateau-Central region of Zoswete, hot and dry most of the year.
 (Religious) "The Retained Commando", Defender of the Faith  (TRCDF), led by Wiffdeh Lawde
 Wiffdeh's main unit, 5 tanks (after political rolls)
The rabble (and more tanks)

 Wiffdeh Lawde, charismatic leader
(Popular Front) Light Industrial Workers for the People (LIWP) led by Bob Wajenzi
Tanks, regulars and armoured cars
The Hoi Poloi
Bob Wajenzi, "Can we win it, YES WE CAN!"
 Objective markers
In an urban area
Near crops in the middle of the table
Near a native village
Zoom out on the village
Bob Wajenzi deploys his Light Industrial Workers for the People near the urban objective
And his Light Industrial Workers armour near the central objective
Time to wait for the attack
Tanks guard the approach to the objective
Infantry prepare and dig-in
Not so Steady, Look at all those tanks! (I've never used so many in a single AK-47 game)
Tanks cruise past the Native village
Tanks ruble across the plain
The TRCDF column speeds along the road
TRCDF score first blood, taking out a single LIWP tank
And nothing else, what terrible shooting!
...slowly!, bump, bump, bump.  More trundling than zooming
More shooting,  TRCDF cannot score on LIWP
TRCDF decide to advance instead
TRCDF militia tanks capture an objective (OK, so it was unguarded)
TRCDF armour grinds froward, resolutely failing every shot
TRCDF technicals provide cover fire for advancing infantry (or would if the infantry would move!)
TRCDF infantry transports are in no hurry
With so many terrible shot rolls, at this point it may be easier to ram the LIWP
DAKKA, DAKKA, DAKKA... ...miss
Shooty, shooty, BANG!  The LIWP militia take out a technical
Phew, time for a beer.
Huzzah! the TRCDF finally roll enough movement to debus
TRCDF tanks may as well be firing spitballs for all the good they are doing.  Some very poor dice rolls happening over there.
Wiffdeh Lawde exhorts his troops!
LIWP toe the line are ready for the charge
Finally!  the TRCDF armour advantage bears fruit, all three LIWP tanks are KO'd
Reinforcement!, LIWP get their armoured cars and Regular infantry
TRCDF  Regulars in APCs arrive at a far corner
TRCDF rush into melee
Zoom Zoom
TRCDF over run the central objective, they now hold two objectives to LIWP's one
And more fighting, till a TRCDF base goes down and another gets pinned
A/C line up on the APCs to give them a warm reception
The Tanks can't enter the template area so there is not a lot for them to do.  The LIWP regulars advance through the Template
Aerial view of the struggle.  TRCDF have the upper hand on paper, but LIWP hold a tough position with lots of troops
LIWP get their 5th unit!  This a a first for me, both forces have all 5 units, its never happened to me in an AK-47 game before.
The melee goes on, the challenge here is that the TRCDF troops are militia vs Regular LIWP in a template.  The militia have way too many negative penalties, but I have to keep going until the TRCDF Regs arrive to help out.
Since the armour is not doing much other than acting as a shot trap it get s backed off out of infantry small arms range
Technicals race to hols the far objective
TRCDF Regs debus ready to assault the template.  Unfortunately, the LIWP Regs are ready for them
LIWP technicals sneak up on the far objective
Fire Magnets GO!
Well that wasn't so bad, only one Pin
The militia re doing less well, the LIWP Regs are beginning to gain a significant advantage
The A/C join in targeting the TRCDF troops
CHARGE!  TRCDF Regs gain contact with LIWP regs
Its not looking good...
The TRCDF armour has finally spotted the LIWP technicals, they move to contact
TRCDF militia tanks arrive to support the infantry assault
Boom!  The TRCDF gunners have begun to learn to aim
Bad, Bad, Bad.  The militia are getting mauled, the presence of Wiffdeh keeps them in the fight
TRCDF Regs begin to take Pins
And Kills
NO NO No, the Militia break morale and flee.  Wiffdeh is last seen running for his jeep
More Boom, the TRCDF armour  doing its job
TRCDF technicals hold the central onbective
Militia tanks close in on the LIWP A/Cs
Run Away!
More fighting, the TRCDF fail to get into the template
DAKKA, DAKKA Boom!  A LIWP technical takes out a TRCDF tank
Boom! an A/C destroys a TRCDF APC
AAAAAAARG, TRCDF infantry go down in melee
Ka-Boom! the TRCDF take revenge on the LIWP technical
Its The Final Countdown!  Game over man, Game over!
TRCDF holds to objectives and battled hard to take the third,  the final scores on the doors are:

TRCDF: 56 points, LIWP: 45 points, an 11 point win!  A decisive victory for Wiffdeh Lawde's "The Retained Commando", Defender of the Faith.

No doubt we'll see more of them soon...

Zoswete is our fictional African setting to play Peter Pig's excellent AK-47 rules.   A While ago I needed to pick-up some html for work, so I started a small blog to try it out.  I never really added much to it, and its not been updated for years, our last game was a finale of sorts as a long standing army got wiped out (the demise of MOFO :http://zoswete.blogspot.com/2012/06/zitface-spanks-mofo-mofo-is-no-mo.html).

Since then I've only played a couple of games, but just recently, I got some well painted figs and armour on Ebay so I thought a game with them would be fun, and it was.


  1. Great looking game and report, thanks!

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