Thursday, August 6, 2015

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

The boy beats up on his dad...  ...again.

This time at our simplified version of X-wing.

A simple scenario, Rebel a-wings are escorting a shuttle off the table.  The Imperials ambush and intend to destroy the shuttle.  Imperials have 3 Ties and a Tie bomber, Rebels have 5 A-wings, shuttle is unarmed
 Mmmwwuuuhaha, how shall it begin?
A-wing darts out
Tie's respond
Tie speeds forward
A-wings deploy to protect the shuttle
Tie's keep in tight formation
The formation starts to loosen
Ties inflict first damage, the A-wing is hit!
A-wings respond in kind
A-wings dart forward to engage at close range
A-wings pour fire into the damaged Tie fighter
Boom! Tie-fighters destroy an A-wing
Ka-Boom, another A-wing is taken out
The Tie-bomber rains plasma down on the shuttle
A-wings take out a Tie fighter
A-wings then focus on the bomber (for the scenario, only the bomber and Tie flight leader can damage the shuttle)
A-wings destroy the Bomber!  Victory is mine!
The Tie flight leader rounds on the shuttle.  To destroy the shuttle the boy needed to roll two 6s on three dice... ...and he rolls two 6 and a 3.  Victory denied!

So near, so near.   But what the heck, it was a really fun game with the lad.  Next time we'll see if the Rebels can do better.

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