Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Recon over Hunger City

A Drone circles Hunger City in search of the Diamond Dogs, target of the next mission...

 The busy streets
 Eerily devoid of people...
 Drone's view
We have been recently carrying out some house repairs/fix-ups.  During the reno the basement was storage central.  Now its starting to clear I can think of playing some soldiers.  I felt like setting up an urban area to plan out an Ambush Alley mission, I just didn't add people as I would be clearing them to play the mission.

Over the summer I bought some of 4Ground's 10/12mm urban bits like the skyline clutter, subway entrances and advertising.  I think they work OK for 15mm and (start to) add colour to the city.  I've a bunch of posters and other stuff to put on building sides too.

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