Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ambush Alley: Sweep and Clear

Picked up my Ambush Alley Rule book again and played a game.  Straight from the book scenarios, Sweep and Clear:
Marines enter bottom Left road, they have to take out three Hotspots and exit top Right road corner
Crusties lurk in ambush
And teem over the area
Marines move to engage, and lose initiative.  Fortunately no casualties.
Marine return fire is more successful than the Crusties'
The fire team continues to wipe out the lurking Crusties
The other Marines advance
And stack in preparation to assault through the next position
The Crusties have other ideas...
The Crusties swarm the Marines
Next turn sees a bunch of Crusties's reinforcements
Marines try to engage the Crusties, it goes badly, losing initiative.  The first Fire Team loses two Marines, their morale holds so they return fire, killing two
But there are more...
Crusties Morale wavers (Shaken unit)
Crusties try to intercept the falling-back Marines
They fail, the Marines keep going
Falling back (Pinned) into cover
The other Fire Team finally finishes off th elurkers
 Then rushes to support the other Marines
The Third Fire Team also takes casualties and falls back (in good order)
 The Third Team managed to put the hurt on the Crusties, but no morale breaks
 The reinforcements try a flak sneak
 Next turn, a single Crusty appears
 Marines hunker down and treat their wounded.  One Dead, one Wounded
 The other Team has two wounded.  Both Teams are now depleted and have dependents
 Marines advance and engage Crusties, killing three
 Crusty morale fails
 Marines keep shooting...
 The flankers trample their own dead to get at Marines
 Crusties pour through the undefended gap
 First Team hands off their dependents
 The intact Marine Team rushes forwards to exploit a lack of reinforcements
 Gunning down Crusties as they go
 The Team led by the Corporal also hands off dependents then merges the two groups into one
 Crusties rush forwards to entrap the Marines
 The flankers face off with Marines
 The trap looks set
 Strong reinforcements appear at the worst place for the Marines
 The intact Fire team runs to neutralize a Hotspot
Bang, they catch the lone Crusty with an RPG
 Is that LOS?  No, too few Crusties can see the Marines.  The Marines catch a break, finally
They hustle to catch up
 The Flankers lost an initiative roll, all that sneaking for nothing, DOH!
 Crusties move to fix the LOS issue
 And prep for a Marine rush
 "Come on if you think you're hard enough!"
 Rats!  More reinforcements.  There are now a lot of Crusties on the table
 Marines rush to gain Fire advantage
 They get in position, and...
...they lose initiative.  BLAMMO! Crusties KO two Marines
 The Marines reply in kind
 With a little extra on the side
Body count is staking up.  The consolidated Team managed to finally win an initiative to run by the Crusties around the blue truck
 Its a Long, Long run...
Crusties move into fire position to block the Marines.  This is not looking good for the Marines.  So far they have taken down only one hotspot and lost four as casualties
 More Crusties arrive, they form a pincer to advance on the Marines
And more reinforcements (this scenario has a very high Insurgency level and the reinforcement chart is a brutal)
(Why is this Sideways?)  Crusties mass to repel the Marines

Game Over, Man!  the dependent-burdened Marines escape through the streets.  Its a failed mission for the Marines and a clear win for the Crusties.

Wow, its been a while since I played AA.  I'd forgotten how much fun it is.  The Marines got swarmed here as the insurgents are average troops with good leaders and they get a ton of reinforcements.  In hindsight, I should perhaps have kept the Marines moving and fighting together in a more coordinated manner.

Ah well, on to the next one!

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