Friday, November 6, 2015

I say, the RSM appears to be in a spot of Bother

Be a Good chap and go sort it out...

Ambush Alley, mission: Contracting Trouble, with a Twist!
A British cart carrying the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) and Colour Sergeant Major (CSM) has broken down in the center of a Pathan town.
 A Corporal has a scratch force of British Regulars and Ghurkas to rescue the RSM and CSM
 RSM is not happy...  ...the corporal better make it quick
 Sensing blood the Pathan enter the town
 "I say we go that way", "No, we stay where we are" replies the RSM
Pathans lie in ambush positions
 Ghurkas dash forwards, Khukris at the ready
A Gun!, the Pathans manhandle a gun up to a rooftop to cover the street
The Ghurkas prove to be too alert for the Pathans and open fire
The Ghurkas kill the gun crew
The British rush the lone gunman and the hotspot
One bayonetted Pathan later
While that was happening others in the unit cover both Hotspots
Ghurkas and the Corporal advance along the main street
The RSM and CSM are in sight
Pathans gain a small horde of reinforcements
Pathan rifles line the main street
Pathan Leaders move to intercept the British
A group of riflemen join the leader group
The British cover one hotspot and block another
The British quickly dispatch two Pathans sneaking up on the RSM and CSM
Pathans gain initiative over the closest rifle group
Killing one and breaking their morale
Th ePathans flee to the cover of the back street
The Corporal dashes forwards to collect the RSM and CSM
They retreat to cover while the Ghurkas and British provide cover-fire
after securing the Hotspot the British advance to provide cover
In an effort to split the units, Pathans appear directly in front of the British unit
The British react quickly, killing two and breaking the morale of the remainder
Got you Matey!
The Pathans retreat into cover, leaving their wounded
Later The British move to cover the Corporal's withdrawal
They engage the furthest Pathans
On the other flank the Ghurkas charge the broken Pathans, causing them to flee into the streets
Despite getting shot up the morale of the furthest Pathans holds
The state of the field
Another Pathan gun appears
But Rats! a second reinforcement unit is lost as they appeared at the removed Hotspot
Yet more Pathans appear in front of the British unit
The Ghurkas secure a Hotspot and engage the Pathans on the rooftops
Nice shooting!
Or, perhaps not so nice for the Pathans
"Watch your heads lads!"  The Pathans gain the initiative
Two British soldiers are hit
And the unit is Pinned
The remaining British effectively return fire
Yet agin the Pathan morale wavers
While the Pathans are pinned down the Corporal's group makes a dash for safety
The board edge is in sight
More Pathans appear, but again its at a captured hotspot
Another gun!
Sooo close
The Leader-less gun crew fail their interrupt
Allowing the British to retire and treat their wounded, turns out only one is badly wounded, the other gets back into the action
The Ghurkas retire to provide cover-fire
New turn, with no immediate threats and cleared Hotspots, it looks like the British will get their men off the table
The Corporal escort the RSM and CSM to safety.  The British win.

After a fun AA game the other day, I thought I'd play another game.  This time I felt like something different, so I dug out some old Colonial figs.  The Brits are Essex and Stone Mountain, the Ghurkas are Minifigs and the Pathans are Warrior.  These were all painted 10-or more years ago.

It was fun to play AA this way, I way well do it again sometime.

So that was the end of Staycation 2015, and what a great one it was.  Now back to work and the regular schedule.

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