Thursday, November 5, 2015

Scary Wednesday...

...for me.  The past two years I've been trying out a bit of downhill riding.   One type of feature I'm very nervous of (OK, scared) is a drop-off.  To fix this, I set myself a challenge to learn how to ride drops on a DH course and on natural trails.

For natural trails, I'm fortunate that I have a small hill nearby with lots of rock-bars, so off I went yesterday to ride them.  These in the pic are pretty typical, front one is around 10 inches, the rear around 2 1/2 feet

This part of the slope is pretty mild too, an excellent place to start.  So I did!  It was great fun (and a bit scary), but I jumped a few and got up the courage to ride a big one...  ...more tomorrow!


  1. I once did a four foot vertical drop off on My Proflex 656. Scary stuff.