Saturday, April 30, 2016

Revenge Is A Buffet Served Hot

What's the point having a cowboy bride if I can't play a left-at-the-altar revenge scenario...

Thar's a weddin' in Stromburg today.
 The Church and Boot Hill
 'The Lucky Dog' the grandest saloon in town
 The Bridal Party, L to R: The Preacher, Ma, Pa, The Bride Beckie and Sue the bridesmaid
 The Groom's party, L to R: Paw, Little Jeb, the Groom (Big Pete), Lucky Joe and Uncle Hugh
 The Bride's party spill out of the church after being cruelly jilted at the altar
 The dastardly scofflaws of the Groom's party spill out of the Lucky Dog.  Having had way too good a time in 'The Dog', Big Pete has changed his mind on marrying Beckie.  Pity he didn't tell her first...
 Little Jeb also had a good time, too good a time and ended up needing to see the Doc
 The Preacher moves out and appeals to calm
 Uncle Hugh ignores him, he dashes for cover and blasts Pa with his winchester
 Sue moves to cover and fires ineffectually
  Big Pete runs for it
 Beckie tracks him down and appeals to his 'good' nature.  As she rolls aa 10, she unloads a heck of a guilt-trip on Big Pete
 Guilt-ridden Big Pete is regretting his mistakes, he is frozen in place,
 Lucky Joe dashes to rescue Big Pete, he fires wildly
 Paw moves in to cover his son
 Ma moves to aid her daughter, her trusty six-shooter barks and Paw is hurt
 Little Jeb runs to help.
 Beckie moves to 'have a word' with Big Pete (close combat)
 Beckie (blue) is successful in her 'word'
 Beckie lays out Big Peter with a vicious tongue and a smart right-hook
 Little Jeb shoots wildly (perhaps a few less drinks last night would have been wiser?)
 Ma tackles Paw (close assault)
 Yup, Ma tackles Paw
 In his addled state Paw didn't stand a chance.  Ma lays him out cold.  Little Jeb watches stupefied
 The Preacher again appeals for calm - it goes unheeded
 So the Preacher decided to go all Biblical on them
 Lucky Joe is not so lucky this time
 However, with no medial attention, Pa bleeds out
 Uncle Hugh scores hits on The Preacher
 Little Jeb seeks his revenge
 Little Jeb attacks Beckie
 Mercilessly gunning her down
 The Preacher shrugs off Uncle Hugh's shots and moves to attack
 Uncle Hugh shoots and kills the Preacher
 Sue is not a happy woman, she's surrounded by corpses
 Ma is furious, she flys at Little Jeb in a killin'-Rage
And, oh yes, no other result would have been right...
Sue has had enough, no more nice-Sue.  She unloads her Henry-repeater at Uncle Hugh, cutting him down like the mangy cur he is
 Ma rounds on the injured Lucky Joe, she forces him to surrender.  Perhaps he is lucky after all?
The end-result, Paw and Big Pete out cold, Lucky Joe hurt and many, many bodies.  I guess there's no wedding today in Stromburg.

What a fun game, I'm really enjoying these FFoL Reloaded rules.  They play a fast, cinematic game that feels like playing the game, not the rules.  This was played using the base rules plus 'special' action cards.  Perhaps next time I start using personal traits to flesh-out the characters.

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