Saturday, July 16, 2016

NECA Aliens Dropship

I just got one of the new NECA Cheyenne dropships and while its a nice enough model its way too small to use for 15mm figs.  It looks like it may work for 10mm, but I've no figs in that scale to compare it with.

Some pics of the ship plus the APC that comes with it, and some comparisons with one of my old Galoob dropships.

 NECA Dropship, its nice
 But small, a 15mm GZG OUDF fig painted as a Halo Reach Marine
 Alongside the Galoob ship.  The Galoob model is more toy-like in proportions, but better sized for 15mm
On a grid to better show proportions
 15mm GZG fig next to the Galoob ship.  "One express elevator to hell, going down!"
The NECA APC (LHS) is tiny, the Galoob APC (center) is more like 10mm, while the Konami variant (RHS) scales at 15mm (according to the Aliens tech manual dimensions).  I have a Antenociti/FATC APC too, its the same size as the Konami ones.
APCs on a grid next to figs for scale.

So, the NECA ship is a nice display model, but just not great for 15mm gaming.  Pity, as the Galoob ones go for crazy money on Ebay these days.


  1. Great post! I've got a couple of the NECA dropships myself...I'm kinda thinking they work okay as a single pilot craft, maybe with a gunner station/compartment in the back behind the pilot's cockpit and just use it as a gunship or standard type "huey" dropship (minus the APC)?

    Also, do you know if the Antenociti and/or Konami APCs are still available? I've only got a couple.


  2. Hi Brian,

    Sorry for slow reply. Good idea for the NECA ship, its not smaller than a a15mm aircraft so it could work as just a gunship/light VTOL troop variant.

    AFAIK, the Antenociti/FATC vehicles are gone. Antenociti has switched full time to Infinity, most of the 15mm stuff they did has been finished. Konami APCs are still on Ebay, just have to be careful these days of price gouging there.

  3. For my take these work for me as I tend to use 1/144th scale aircraft with my 15mm stuff anyway...) Thanks for the heads up!