Saturday, December 24, 2016

Thunderbirds are Go!

Gaming of a different kind.  When we were in the UK this summer I introduced the kids to Thunderbirds.  Mini-Me Minor loved it, so Grandma bought him all the toys, of course.  The other day Mini-me Minor wanted to play a Thunderbirds game so we set up a nice little city and had a bit of a disaster

A tragic accident, the monorail has collapsed
 Fires rage through the city
 Emergency services can't get close enough to fight the fires
 Thunderbird 5 picks up the radio traffic, time to call International Rescue
Thunderbird 1 is the first to arrive
 TB1 surveys the disaster
 TB1 lands
TB1 takes off again, it launches cables to stabilize the train
 TB2 arrives
 TB2 flies around a bit, you know, just because...
 TB2 drops off a pod and lands
 Virgil straps on an exo-loader to clear debris
Virgil doing his thing, clearing debris
 The fire engines fight the fires
 Fires fought
 TB1 starts to pulls back the train
 TB2 comes to aid TB1
 Yeah! the train is saved.
 TB1 and Virgil work together to repair the monorail
 F.A.B. job done
Virgil heads back to the pod
 TB2 swoops in to pick up the pod
 Whooosh, TB2 takes off
 And Zooooom.  TB2 heads back to Tracy Island to get ready for the next mission
 Mini-me minor had a lot of fun with 'dad's toys' and his Thunderbirds.  The next question : "What's the next mission Dad?"

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